Team Yay Cray > Parkdale Boys Club

Stupid is served.

Party aerobics crombie & fitch.

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name & they’re always glad you came!

Super Moon. Okay we get it.

Same cycles, same moods, same outfits, same tudes.

At one point Salvador Darling was not packed and then instantly it was slammed. Had I gone out in my harajuku fleece I’d have vommed all over myself from the heat. Thank god for the teeny window in our VIPLEASE (heheh) booth Darius cranked open.

Cool setting HEY we instagrammed it ghetto digital camera style. Hi Jenna!!

I can fold this shirt up in to a teeny tiny square and jam it in my purse, which is what I did, several times. It’s hot, I’m cold, and so on.

Working my way up to smiling.

Greased up my hair a lot with moroccan oil the night before (way too much thanks REBECCA) so it looked a bit like that, I didn’t want it to be dried out from the hair dye, I only left it on for fifteen minutes they say that in dye boxes to grey haired chicks and blonds, the platinum was just waiting ready and willing to absorb the colour instantly. I feel like blond never even happened I am so accustom to seeing myself dark. This will grow interestingly. Raymi is transforming! I’m also whitening my teeth with guards for 7 days for 30 minutes (that’s what the directions say) AND now my skin is major tanned from the sunny w/e, it’s gonna be a sweet new look and life this summer.

It was Derek’s house warming party but by the time I left the house (I was this close to staying in very tired) it had moved to the bar it wasn’t even eleven yet and they had already peaced out cos Derek was licked. Easier for me than cabbing so we all just met there yay fun plan.

Jonathan was a piece of shit all night long. You know you were. Here are your top ten hits: Calling me a vain bitch, braggarting about being a doctor, telling me I never used the word vortex before condescendingly, snapping at me for interrupting you to deliver a message from Darius across the table being a double bonus diss as the message was juicy and to your benefit. Other than that super neat love and hatey kinda dude, can say I definitely relate. Couple other dumb things too but that’s private so can’t wait to see you again.

All the Pdale boys club crew were out and in full effect. Rob showed up later. Derek did not make it out too bad.

Saw on twitter that Darius is 32 now what I met you when you were 30.

Oh hi. Cool scarf bro wrap it again. This almost made the blog post title cut.

This is what my reaction to being called a vain bitch by a twitty little man looks like. Gloves were off at that point. I am fascinated by rude people, their audacity and nerve. We also enjoyed watching him strike out with other women, cool approach bro. When people turn when they party or turn on you, It’s belligeration town population them. He was quite lovely the first time I met him at Darius’ then remembered who I was what the hair change, bah who cares I’m not even mad you’re just getting a sobriety lesson hall of fame featurette the next day. Jenna said she told him she was going to punch him in the balls multiple times too so there you go haha.

The family camera was being funny so I didn’t get him dancing on there in time. The tunes were great motown classics of all sorts, some mod, everything, very fun dance times. I have the idea for a tumblr or art bar fly project called (which is available I just checked) of sitting in a booth all night long and the people are the only things moving in the bar all night long and you just party sitting in one spot then you film this in every bar club restaurant and have hundreds of them on your website showing the events of an entire night happening cray all around you okay you get it now right? There. Have fun.

Sick jacket I bet she listens to Katrina and the waves.


SUPER MOON IS FOLLOWING ME. Thanks to the Super moon it was the first time I ever knew there was a window in that corner.

Noticing red everywhere now. You only pay attention to shit when it pertains to you.

Nice setting. But even blurry you can distinctly tell that I DO indeed “have a torso” whiner little Raymi hater just won’t go away. I love you too!

Almost there so close.

This is also a fat day. Well, I ate all day and I am still pretty sleek. You’re so gross about women’s bodies, it’s sad and I do not believe you even have a real life friend with that f-ing attitude of yours.

Turn the heat down, I saw it at 76 ahhh O_O. Hi Tanya!

Open that shit!

I like that we can stare at all the bar patrons from the darkness of the back corner and see them comb the blackness trying to see our faces back.

We played musical booth chairs all night and effectively shunned anyone else for deigning to join us or put their jackets on our spot. Every regular seen here and in other shots have lost a jacket to SD so don’t feel so bad Jules. I am just wiping my brow with relief I got mine back and now I will only go there dressed in garbage in case I lose it. Hahha. I just brought a grey AA hoodie.

Pretty much, right? Nipples NSFW loophole.

I drink a lot of water when I jammer jam cos I am smart.

To be fair he is recently single and just came back from Scotland I guess. The ex seemed a bit, angry? Greener pastures bro we got you!

But next time I will totally push you in to a garbage can okay?

What is your favourite thing happening here? That epic hug or the girl’s face?

Hi Dave! Hi Lela!

Rocky time.


Can’t wait to wash my hair today.

Team Yay Cray > Parkdale Boys Club. I am still the founding father president and member of the PBC BTW.

We were very nice hostesses, some of the guys thought it was MY apartment oh brother ahahaha point received.

There’s the man. He was delayed hanging with Derek, maybe tucking him in to bed.

Rob big brothers me. He was shocked and awed by beasties memorization cos I’m so wee. That’s nice if people see me as a little kid I think, I’ll take that!

Requisite girl blob shot.

Nice treasure trail Rob! No really, girls like that!

These are all dance moves. Nice laser beam head Darius.

Dance face! Busted me!

Second male team yay cray inductee.

Tubular! Omg remember what happened to Rob’s scarf ahahahha agh. Great times.

I’m going to dig the wax out with a knife after I hit publish.

This shirt is getting worn. Bought it in thunder Bay from that hippie store while we killed time for our flight.

Love my polish and birds.

Doing toenails yellow later sometime. Okay that’s a wrap. I’ll post Friday night’s BS later on. Cray o lay o lay o lay O LAY! Happy ME Monday.