I was being a recluse and wasting my youth

Can you tell these are jeggings? Psyche they are! Fake pockets in the front are frustrating (back ones work at least). They are also cursed because when I wear them I get things spilled on me, jackets stolen lol.

Hair appt this week.

Are we coming or are we going I do not know but I know I pissed everyone off with how long I took getting ready to go.

Ok we are going cos I am putting on deodorant here and Bechnique looks retarded haha I love you best friend toilet paper. Nobody laughs at that joke, we told it to a girl in the Wrong Bar bathroom when we gave her a wad of our TP and she is like yeah right whatever not listening walking away to piss hahaha FINE. I made her a gigantic obnoxious wad of the stuff too!

I am waiting on the photos from the hipster party photographers holy shit already I mean it, you wanna get hired or not? EMAIL ME: raymiATraymitheminx.com or commit social suicide. Just kidding I forget your names even though we are facebook friends, I’ll go look in to that now actually.

Let the bender begin! My last three months of being 28. (excuses for life!) I am what I am and I make no apologies. I told you my two year pre-30 plan is going insane and doing anything I want (whilst diligently on the side plotting and working on my career/the future).

Yikes! So, Twilight. We watched it and it was ridiculous like everyone said it was but we couldn’t see half of what was going on cos we were watching a bootleg of it and all of it is filmed at night and you can’t see any of those details oh well it sufficed as we were semi-conscious on the couch, stir crazy and bored. We went through a bottle of Sprite because Domino’s doesn’t carry gingerale (WTF not?) and dominoes I’m sorry to say that this is what “brunch” degenerated in to. I told you we were frat boys for two weeks and it ruled I will go back to being a princess this week starting now. Bechnqiue you gave me my lipstick back right, you slipped it in my pocket? OMG I just looked and you did! Thank you.

My new coat. I hate it. It is too big on me who the fuck am I Kreayshawn. Definitely buying a new coat now.

Didn’t wear my valentine K out, I knew I would sweat and Salvador Darling would be HOT and if that got stolen I would have lost my mind. No way jose. NO way. Ps. Look who’s on their press brag page? They’ll have more to add to that page from me very soon ;).


Bechnique got new shoes in Texas.

Stella loves everyone and everyone loves Stella. She talks now since I have come in to her life. I’ll have her barking words soon enough.

And Lady Garbage is depressed in advance over the tree being taken down, she likes to stare despondently into it.

Thinking emo thoughts. Aw we love you Lady Garbage. I spoil all of them.

Love my ohhh canada bra.

Fits like a dream and is more realistic regarding the size of my chesticles.

Dorks. SNL was on. She came over to break me loose, I was being a recluse and wasting my youth.

My roots. This is why no one recognizes me when I got out like that they are dazzled by how clean I am. I did a mask and my nails and was ready to split.

Oh look there she is now.


Every time I go to Wrong Bar I feel famous. Had no ID, no problem. The night I leave it at home, no kidding right.

This was dope champagne.

Time for a tan again!

Goodbye Christmas, so the fuck long!

Had this exact same shit again last night. I have a tapeworm I bet. Na, shortest day yet just majorly partying and that’s the last of it. Pfft as if.

The best hot sauce ever. Cheese fries. Oooh I’ll eat my leftover salad today before my stomach eats itself from the inside. We were frat boys for two whole weeks.

WICKED. Globs of garlic sauce, tzatziki and hot sauce and we go through cans of gingerale and coke like prostars(lobs).

And now we have a nice collection of these take out things. Girls horde these like crazy. Tupperware shit we inherited from our mothers in the eighties. Fact.

Fabulous coat, girl.

Dorky pre-New Years Eve heading out shots. See how behind I am? Well not really I just cover all bases with various devices capturing the Raymi News. Noose. OOOoooh so daring.

Completely unrelated to this picture, watched figure skating last night and it was lovely. It made me feel sentimental for my nana and papa, and my grandparents why am I turning in to such a giant suck?

Then we watched the Jassi Sidhu killing case/investigation on fifth estate CBC and thanks to the magic of television, these disgusting people who master-minded the murder of an innocent woman for marrying whom she wanted will finally be brought to justice. A mother, father, and uncle. Living freely in Canada all these years after having their own daughter raped and killed, unbelievable. It’s not the colour of their skin, Teacher said, it’s the ideas in their head that are disgusting, it’s not about race or culture, an honour killing? I asked if it was racist to say they were disgusting people, because when we heard that her mother was involved he made the remark, I was just clarifying. I also believe in an eye for an eye and EYE think these people deserve to be tortured, ugh I never write this way about things that scare me, or matter because it’s a small town but who cares, I CARE. It’s about justice and you just cannot kill someone and get away with it and have it just sit on a desk for over a decade. The entire family is implicated in my opinion, living on that farm compound together keeping the secret. Pretending to not know shit and that he’s “in India.” You know what else this family did? Not only did they pay to have their own daughter killed, they paid to have it put on the man she married so that guy spent 4 years in jail (is fully emotionally battered from this experience and will never forget, he remembers everything and he feels like when Jassi died, he should have died when she died. HEART-WRENCHING) and he was completely innocent. They had her raped too. WTF does that have to do with “honour” killing? I guess dehumanizing as is possible and shamed for disobeying her family. Where can I sign up to get in on such a lawless people? It is smiting to feel so helpless in your own culture, like you were born into suffering in to not having a say god forbid you be born a woman. There are photos of the lovely couple in love and in no way shape or form could it be possible for her husband to commit these acts upon his new bride. Repulsion doesn’t begin to cover it. I know that within an entire culture, every person is a snowflake and not all apples are rotten, but I do know that this happens a lot and gets swept under the rug because Canadian government doesn’t want to get involved. It takes the bravery of a man to write a book about this and bring it to a shock jock tv outlet to make the police get involved (and tips from anonymous sources) and this happened in my own country. If this were a white, or black family, boom, instantly dealt with. There was nothing honourable about how that poor girl died. The mother, father and uncle deserve to rot in jail and then in hell. Eternally.

Knew I’d be a sweatbag in this so I left the vest at home.

Gave myself a wee trim. Too many asshole comments about it, now go complain about something else. That striped dress/shirt came with/beneath my black loosey (rip off of chanel) tank, I don’t think they look very good together so I got two shirts out of the equation and while I was making the purchase, spanish carolers were up in my grill. Nothing says Feliz Navidad like a homicide in a Kensington market t-shirt shop. Hope that shirt I bought my bro’s gf’s son fits, it’s a rare photo of Bob Dylan enlarged and screen-printed, and so amazing though he wanted a Bob Marley shirt (they only had ones of him smoking blunts and I doubt that would fly at school) but I said this one will get you more girls and he said he had a girlfriend, I said fine whatever it’s cooler you just don’t know it yet. My dad was blown away by it.

I love lime jello.

Only when I’m sick though (bought this on whim), it is the total cure, these individual ones are not as good cos you can taste the fake sugar and chemicals. I would not give my child this garbage, I’d follow tradition with a lunchable like my mother did lol or five bucks safety pinned to their jacket and a note saying TODAY’S SPECIAL PLEASE. By the time I’m a mommy blobber, mommy blobber’s will be disgruntled by their teenage monster children and despise them then hit their second or triple adolescences and join us at the keg. I wish.

Don’t cover the lens please.

I am hot at being awkward.

And now I look like a mini-mom, MY mom. And Jimminy Cricket. This is at the drake in a hotel room. Teacher has no recollection of this point in time of the night. Looks like someone’s got to cut back on the sauce.

Too bad you forgot this part it was a great time. We ditched you with the boys and went down in to the belly of the sky yard to do our thing. It was like a fairytale a really good time. One kind of dorky guy at one point (no not you)(prob reading)(another dorky guy). was talking to me and I liked talking to him, no flirty or anything he said I was way out of his league and the drunk future cougar me who was in-tow with Lauren O and I says stop talking to him blabbity blah he’s gross. The older women are, the less time they have for dorks, some of them anyway, not my ma and I the more decrepit and Steve Buscemi, the more we love you hahaa. By the time we have a show I will LOOK LIKE Steve Buscemi so hurry the fuck up people.

I think this is when Teacher broke his phone too, dropped it. When a door closes a window opens and now he’s got a new phone yay!

And here a pointless loop conversation takes place as I am unawares he’s gong-showed (thank you Lauren’s boyfriend and every other guy that meets and falls in love with teacher) he came-to at Brock’s party.

There’s my girl. I cannot wait to spill the beans about MTV Creeps. You guys will die. And then I will have to leave town if it blows up in my face. I am making friends with Rashida and she has pleasantly been a great help in preparing me for my episode (January 17) and the fall-out of haters, she said the positive ones are the ones that count. People are telling her she is their idol. They go to her work to get photos with her. I want to find her a good man. Update: She ain’t lookin’ lol.

Casie gave me a sticker of her and lauren for the back of my blackberry and it hasn’t fully disintegrated from hand sweat and partying yet but it’s getting close. RIP my jacket :(.

I look like fraggle rock. Lauren is a cupcake princess. I almost wore my black ohhh canada corset. Can you imagine. Cosmic jealousy turned best friends twins. We have the same name after all but mine is pronounced better lolol.

Coffee break brb with more.

Saw so many stars at the Drake. Also whenever I looked in the mirror too.

Before I trimmed my ends.

Grand Electric.

Bar Vespa. Brb with more. The dog has to walk me now.

Ok I am back. Why would they take my jacket over Rebecca’s? WTF!

And now I’m gone again I put the new pics at the top. It’s Manic Monday I got a meeting to get prepare for.