Window of Awesometunity

Toldja I’d do this! How I’ve wasted more of my Sunday. My arm is burning from colouring this and you can see how impatient I am. Look I have Louboutins and I added my nipple for the super fans. Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday Fundays it’s your turn to colour now (and do better). Also here’s one of few reasons why I love PC’s: Paint! If you find funny or dirty (or both) colouring book pictures to colour in send them to me or link in the vomments. LOVE YOU LONG TIME!

Smell ya later.

Your debt’s paid off but it don’t feel gone

On Sunday night we went to Metro. If you are one who can make a shopping excursion into a really fun time, you are a genius. This balloon startled me, it was sideways, we were laughing at 5 magazines at once and then the balloon slowly turned, look, I was wearing shades you can imagine our state, so in the middle of laughing I went AGHH! We were a hot mess. I am saying “we” to take the heat off me. I was in a good mood coasting off a full week of ridiculous I look like a gizzard under the eyes, you will see me again next week. Ha.

We fought quite a bit but only because we were also hungover and irritate one another for entertainment, it’s exhausting! I think you can classify me as “high maintenance” I push us to our limit.

But also, I am younger and this is work. I am trying to build a legend here. I said, “You can’t be me.” Just cos I go out and party you don’t have to retaliate while I am re-cooperating and stress me out, God. Sometimes I have to go out without you. Also we live together and time apart is healthy plus we spent the entire week together, BAT SHOOT!

I noticed that Pauly Shore has been a dead issue, total pink elephant. I think we are waiting each other out. Celebrities don’t count. Stephen talked me out of stuffing my bra of my mittens thanks god because they were overheating me and that makes me anxious. One reason why I am part nudist (full) is I am heat sensitive and can just go for days sitting there nakes. I am free and need to be free I am one stuffed animal away from the crazy woman house on my dad’s street.

We hit it hard last week, I am thankful October is over. Shocktober as it is being billed, I forget where. Here we are at the Gladstone after having only 2 hours sleep? I am not one to do all nighters, they are like once a decade. My brother’s boys from the old hood crashed on the floor, one on couch, both snoring like mental and I knew would want to jet early so I got up and then Teacher suggested eating cos I hadn’t in days practically, stress, too many events, CN Tower terrified etc.. So we were disasters at brunch and now I remember how much I love brunch and want to be a brunch person because they are loads healthier and you have to earn brunch because you wake up early for it, and in my field I can’t have sleep-deprivation face so therefore I do not do brunch, I’m nocturnal. Lifestyle change time, I’m bored!

Adorable red tree!

Our walk was hilarious because everything was funny but we were so weak and cold so cold, saw a walk of shame guy clutching a 12 pack chainsmoking at the corner of gladstone and queen and his sketchy mirrored that of my own and I felt calmed and then we scored the best seat in the corner. Our server was so nice too and I was relieved i didn’t wear the same shirt she was wearing (almost did).

I had to buy hair elastics.

I looked like garbage in all of these so we fought about it.

Houndstooth shirt, I have an old man hat in the exact same pattern I’ll wear to the prohibition party tomorrow. with suspenders attached to my underwear? No pants. Hmm. Or gold dress.

This can opener is named after me. His burn. Beside it, nut cracker. That’s low-brow.

Ooh I’ll go bleach my teeth. Too much coffee.

Still recovering from last week. Splicing my long-windedness in to parts.