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Hi sports fans.

I am sitting in this seat right now writing this. Mind blowing.

This is from a couple nights ago.

We live in the dark. Not today though, had an early start.

Dinner at the Dutch folk’s.

Everything and anything on the table was grilled (pan fried) in the end, we got creative with it.

On Xmas day I spoke to bf’s dad about what colour flowers these would be once they bloomed. Then this evening he pulled me aside and was like THEY WERE WHITE. Then we talked about lilacs and Hyacinth (which these are) and between our language barrier/difference and the garbage I was trying to sell, it was a pretty funny conversation. Ps. black licorice is disgusting. My nana and mom are all about it as well. I do not get black licorice. 0%.

We bought this meat package for ourselves as well, coincidentally – reduced from 19.99 Euro to 12.99. His mom got an even better deal than us. She always does! Clockwise from top left is Beef, duck, pork, chicken. All totally tasty.

Hi Aladdin condiments. I love this shit. It’s a special bottle for Christmas. You start questioning things like, is this normal or is this Dutch? BF’s uncle grilled like this a lot in France and they all thought it was a Dutch thing, but it isn’t. It’s just a thing. You can totally do this too. baha.

See where the white feathers came from? Mom gave us some as well. I tried to buy more decorations last night that were 50% off 2.99 no big deal right? Bf was like hell no well Frig HIM I am so putting more on the tree next chance I get lol.

Yesterday on our way to linner.

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