wake up

so, yesterday was kinda sad eh.

this notorious (great guy) barfly suffered a massive heart attack just before christmas and on his person was a note to contact the bar if anything should ever happen to him, no family basically, aw. he wanted some of his ashes to be scattered on the floor and the rest of his tab covered the food and drinks for a few hours it was really sweet. i was not expecting to have such an emotional reaction at seeing his old post and that teddy bear he had given to his old waitress (who has rights of his ashes) sitting in his old chair like that and the pictures. god. anyway, it was a bittersweet afternoon and i came away from it with a lesson to us all not to let your life pass you by in a bar, but, if you do, be a bit of a wise-ass about it, and at least make some friends there so then you really don’t die alone? i dunno. i feel like oakville pubs kinda remind me of peter pan, they allow adults to never really grow up in a way, you can always go back to one and see at least ten familiar faces in there is what i mean. kind of a bubble effect that place. it’s comforting and it’s sad at the same time. then that stupid sam roberts song came on I THINK MY LIFE IS PASSING ME BYYYYYY… and i said fil he’s speaking to us from beyond the graaaaaaaaaaaaave ooooooh as i was playing megatouch. i’ve given so many dollars to that machine and a good few years too and allowed myself to let myself go for awhile. so yes indeed, total lesson if you’re going to be a drunk at least have something creative to show for it, like a book detailing all your drunken excursions so kids can idolize you for years to come there’s nothing like the glamorization of things that kill you. ahh hollywood.

RIP burt and cheers you are, and will be missed.

pretty much everyone has done some time behind that bar.

i also finally met binsk, after years of her hiding and ditching she came out. yay hi binsk gimme yer new url i can’t find it.

and this would be the infamous stall after i uh ahem had an ASSident i had to remove my winter boots, pants and underwear (and threw ‘em out) it all went down here. you’re welcome.

i have a crazy appt today ugh, i missed my last one cos it was on the same day as fil’s closing photo show and i messed up the date. i have no idea what to come at this guy with i feel so exhausted like i have nothing left to say (shocking) so maybe we will just sit in silence and have a blinking contest.

my mom was in a car accident on saturday, it’s ok she’s ok but wow yeah, be safe people.