Hello guys its been awhile. Been busy. I’m going to do a massive blog spread here tomorrow I frigging promise.

At the end of the first night of Theatre Bizarre. No wait this is second night cos it’s my second look. Anyway, we was fongry. This is Duly’s diner in Detroit. It is interesting to note that the entire place seems to have cleared out upon our arrival.


Once a ding dong always one.

I’m actually quite looking forward to blogging about my Theatre Bizarre experiences and the lovely people that I met. I am grateful and fortunate it’s still a relatively underground party before the whole world really knows about this amazing experience. Enough already do know about it. It’s over 15 years old just like this blog. Kismet.

Like how I did my leg paint? Yes me too. Last minute addition. Lizzy has this neon paint compact it’s killer and we put a dent in it. This medieval bodice is also hers and just arrived in the mail. Great taste boo.

Calf muscle you betcha.

What would you even call this costume? Mad Max Madhatter blade runner? Nokay?

A motley crew we are, that.

Artists making art.

I woke up like this. Shoulda seen Lizzy, oh man, black paint everywhere.

The greatest thinker of your time.

I even cleaned the sink myself easy peazy. Okay peace for meow.