Welcome to the Sindustry

Pretty sick here. I look emo and dead. You’d like that wouldn’t you.

Open the window and let some of the amazing out oh my god right? Right. What? Hmm? That’s from the High School movie we saw yesterday, it was the best time being surrounded by media people with notepads and we were clearly the row of stupid idiot target marketed stoners in the middle of the theatre. There’s a frog that ribbits what? and Adrian Brody goes what? back at it and it ribbits what? again and it goes on and on, thumbs up! Some very serious comedic scenes and true to form drug high trip outs and what not, lots of sketch comedy and just plain sketch. Great at ten in the morning! Yesterday was a long day.

We made a day of shopping out of it.

I have some serious dubloons to burn on my Holt Renfrew (bday) gift card so we started there. I tried on a lot of wildfox clothing while visiting Ang in MTL and I never forgot about this one sweater I put on and didn’t take/buy/beg/steal and so now I got one kind of similar.

Now watch me pants myself.

Moving on.

Everyone smiled at me in this thing on my way to the Drake it is quite a beatific shirt. The material is ultra soft and all night long Rebecca was like oh it’s your $128 dollar t shirt! Blaha.

New shit makes you feel good. Summer is on now brother. I also danced with two hobos passing me on Queen like I was a lucky charm/leprechaun/pot of gold. One guy said to me as we passed, girl, too intimidated to talk to you it’s not even funny. He wasn’t even a hobo this time. Raymbo Bright nailed it.

After Holt (I didn’t have the patience to blow the rest of the card, still super sick) and after Zara (horrid customer service) we skipped down to 3F (dreamboats) to pick out an outfit each, I love those guys so much! So much coloured denim and new stock and styles in store the girls were like O_O YES.

Skinny bitches + open bar = things got fun last night. There was a pampering party at the Drake. Bech has the family camera so I’ll blog it tomorrow. Or whenever. I am on Raymi time.

My stomach is in every single picture. I was going to wear the flowered bloomer shorts Lois got me but it looked even sluttier somehow, too young, too hot. This one was fricking bang on enough. I need new summer wedges mom can I have yours?

Had half a grilled cheese sandwich, not much appetite, they were out of the tomato soup which is what I need right now and there was a hair in my salad that I just picked out and ate anyway. If it’s in a dive who cares. If it’s high end COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN. I could tell the bar maiden liked me so I didn’t want to make an enemy and I shutted upsky see how nice I am MTV.

Ha I got Welcome to Toronto on the ticker.

Gorge flowers everywhere can transform any setting.

How do you feel about Times Square Toronto? I feel it and only because there’s one of it and not blocks and blocks of it like in NYC. New York Lite. Plus we let street urchins take part in flash mobs and outdoor orchestra happenings conducted by randoms (tourists) sponsored by TD Bank or whatever.

Teeny times. I am taking this orange red thing prett-ay seriously right. I can’t wait to dye it again. Today I look like Aslan on a deadline one part risky business and prep boy rapist.

The blue looked amazing too but too much information down in the girl parts area. These are almost nude, I forget the name but will deke people out in the streets that I am nakes. Like that one picture that went viral of the girl bending over in these same skin colour pants except blobs and jiggles so I better watch it. I am sick skinny right now and all toned from Longboarding and coughing my whole body and abdominals for three days solid.

THE GIRLS™ had bibimbap for lunch while I had iced coffee and a throat lozenge with cough syrup in it (YUM) I had munchies in the theatre from our complimentary bags which also contained doobie rollies too THANK YOU LIFE. Honestly Last week I bought rollies on three separate occasions for three separate households like it was my fucking job or something, all the same brand plus the one in the movie bag. I had a tiny crush on the Jewish bad kid starring in the movie that I kept to myself I will kill you if you tell anyone. Rebecca drew a pentagram on her egg that I ignored until now because I am a bad friend. Just kidding too much was going on bro I talked so much (my business requires lots of talking but being with girls all day is a lot of talking) plus am so sick I sound like Kathleen Turner however how I sing right now as a result is adorabz. Everyone turned and smiled at me on my terminator 2 speed march home from the financial district along king home. I just sing softly and whisper sing to myself on the parts I am shitty at or unsure of lyrics then boldly belt it and I think that I have a skill here in that I can sound like every single singer pretty much to a tee, well the ones I listen to and train my ear to and party to dance to blog to. If you know me you’ll know I live on a record player and like to keep it simple, my tunes. I’m exploratory but I repeat the classics. Team Yay Cray have a top twenty dance hits list. If we are lucky! NEXT.

I am Sarah Jessica Parkering myself with this number. I shared my Zara balance with Bech cos for her birthday all I did was give her a package of lousy paintbrushes. She held my hand last night I was like, are you ready to take the next step in this relationship? Day: 150? of friendship sex: none. Baha I called her a lesbo on text right now and she said LESNO. Straighter than an arrow that one but she’s got a busted crooked wrist that can give handjobs around corners. Is this post sounding like Girls? Still haven’t watched it yet. Did you guys follow the hipster racism brew-ha-ha on the interwebz between Jezebel and SBTVC regarding it? Guess what side I’m on.

True story: saw a girl wearing a floral jumper onesie on Bech’s street I say can I borrrow yours for tomorrow? Then Bech wears her. The movie was at varsity. My old stomping grounds. Jules is leaving us for SF in Sept. Another reason to head there. It’s crappening dudes. I’m planning a trip for June. You will be mindblown.

I look like an older Jewish woman here in this light. Meh. I’m sick. REMEMBER THAT.

I ate a brownie and a bag of chips in the dark halfway through the movie and didn’t know what I was putting in my mouth ahaha. I had the loudest laugh in the theatre too which would make me laugh more.

Shower time break. Sick person’s Law.