never before seen samerin’s wedding pics

first we shall begin with dance pictures because they are my favourite, and i only ripped the photos with me in them OBVIOUSLY.

nice tan sharpie! ahh my fryes first time out, my feet were seriously tortured by the end of the nite. i blame sean paul, MIA and beyonce.

seriously, did your body look like that (connie’s) two months after giving birth? ok now look at me MEMEEMME! ME!

duncan rules. i wonder what song i am pretending to know the words to. ainsley’s dress is so fab.

remember i costume-changed? before that connie and i were dress twins, except hers was shorter and her rack exploded out all hot and mine modestly took the back seat AS UJE.

click to enlarge
. i would just not leave connie and seb alone haha. this particular dance move i call LONELY DESPERATION.

oh betty <3 i know you can't help it i'm so huggable look at me don't you just want to squeeze me til i barf?

my first move with audrey was to dance around her like a carousel while she stood all tall and still i thought maybe i could distract the universe from the fact that i am not a model by trotting in a circle around one? anyway look how nerdy my face his HI GUISE THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY BOOK CLUB! DID YOU GET TO CHAPTER TEN THIS WEEK?

waiting in line for food i was so hungry and our table went last cos we were all dumb and drunk and lazy and talking too much i think.

spenny was my dinner date and would not shut up about anything, he tried to debate me on sarah palin (digs her), religion, and other shit ugh, i said i was not able to properly throw down due to my chill pill cocktail then i gave him one to get him to shut up haha while kenny was at the table behind me going oh man i’m SO SORRY RAYMI, so funny (ps great speech k). i actually was fine with spenny and quite amused, he is still looking for a girlfriend so if you are exactly like me send me an email and you can go on a date with him.

HUGE billable hours fan this guy is i can’t even make words happen around robin (who also starred in samir’s movie) the first time i met her she said i was really pretty and i practically fainted.

tasty little burg.

so pretty, not me, her.