a well known Canadian television network is seeking out a SUMMER STUDENT. He or she needs to be the ultimate geek… here are a few things they’re looking for:

Online Fanatic with a capital “F”, knows anything and everything that is cool and on the Internet; knows the trends before the trendwatchers do!

Online games fanatic; knows all the best online game sites (free casual online games) and spends a lot of time on them; also knows how to find new, great and free online games. Probably also participates in MMOGs.

Knows which are the top/coolest sites for great user-generated videos

Knows and participates in the top social networking sites.

Is an active IM user.

Is an “Influencer” within his/her peer group.

Might even have a personal blog.

Is hardworking, responsible and has decent writing skills.

In a perfect world he/she would be bilingual and also know where to go for French games and cool sites.

GeekHunt 2006 is ON!

so if you have any of these uh geekisms leave a comment here with yer url or email shan19@gmail.com

i’m going through all my clothes and looking for something to make me look super thin and “trendy” fuck. the photos will be going along with a guide to toronto dating. fun. yesterday we drove around in the country it was awesome. we went to this bumpkin town called scharm i think and ate dinner at this place near where the town fair was going on. if you know the proper spelling please do correct me. i like spotting emo kids in small towns, the ones who hate their parents and then the loser guys who knock up all the girls and drive their tiny ugly falling apart cars through the main drag every five minutes.

we ate at aunties and uncles on the patio and ten people came by that samir knows like randomly oh hey i know everyone on college street and then i saw someone i knew, sarah of course, and i yelled out SARAAAAAAAAAH! and samir got mad cos it was all about ME for ONCE! fil is hungovercity and snippy today he is taking the bike for a spin then coming back and then i get to ride too and tomorrow i’m having my foto taken for the toronto special because i am beautiful.

we played katamari damacy last nite it is sketchier than the second one and it is good we are going for brunch now with samir who is a lunatic and i am going to not drink the entire universe anymore.

i found out today this guy i went to highschool with and sort hung in the same circles as (when i actually was into hanging and not drinking by myself in a cafe) anyway i found out today that he died in march of menengitis in europe from a dirty sketchy hostel, some guy crashed on his pillow or something and he went to bed early cos he didn’t feel well and he didn’t wake up.

i can’t stop thinking about it. dude was super young and super cute and smart and genuinely nice one of those people that aren’t suppose to die until they have a million grandchildren and a nice cottage on a nice lake etc etc i keep picturing his face and his smile shaking my head i just can’t believe it. the last time i saw him was at scott’s house party two summers ago. i can’t remember anything specifically that i ever said to him i just remember making him laugh a handful of times.


anyway cid is a complete asshole and just trashed my hipster shelf so i fed him and while he was eating i yelled at him ARE YOU DONE BEING AN ASSHOLE NOW!? and i surprised myself cos i used my speaking-to-a-human-being voice.

i need to get out of here.

me and lise went to wychwood park yesterday with wilbur the dog, it’s this secret tucked away neighborhood that you have to be invited to come live at/in and every house is absolutely gorgeous i would kill to even be a scullery maid or something so i can pretend i am a character in a margaret atwood story and wear a long cape.

then we went to lawrence market for my first time and lise is like you have never been ok we are going you need to go to places that exist in toronto jeeeez.

we ate an entire baguette in five minutes and had pasta and played guitar hero and lise is bizarrely good at it.

i like her cat soda cos she tries to be all badass and hisses at me when i hold her against her will but i know deep down she really likes me.