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a well known Canadian television network is seeking out a SUMMER STUDENT. He or she needs to be the ultimate geek… here are a few things they’re looking for:

Online Fanatic with a capital “F”, knows anything and everything that is cool and on the Internet; knows the trends before the trendwatchers do!

Online games fanatic; knows all the best online game sites (free casual online games) and spends a lot of time on them; also knows how to find new, great and free online games. Probably also participates in MMOGs.

Knows which are the top/coolest sites for great user-generated videos

Knows and participates in the top social networking sites.

Is an active IM user.

Is an “Influencer” within his/her peer group.

Might even have a personal blog.

Is hardworking, responsible and has decent writing skills.

In a perfect world he/she would be bilingual and also know where to go for French games and cool sites.

GeekHunt 2006 is ON!

so if you have any of these uh geekisms leave a comment here with yer url or email

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