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i found out today this guy i went to highschool with and sort hung in the same circles as (when i actually was into hanging and not drinking by myself in a cafe) anyway i found out today that he died in march of menengitis in europe from a dirty sketchy hostel, some guy crashed on his pillow or something and he went to bed early cos he didn’t feel well and he didn’t wake up.

i can’t stop thinking about it. dude was super young and super cute and smart and genuinely nice one of those people that aren’t suppose to die until they have a million grandchildren and a nice cottage on a nice lake etc etc i keep picturing his face and his smile shaking my head i just can’t believe it. the last time i saw him was at scott’s house party two summers ago. i can’t remember anything specifically that i ever said to him i just remember making him laugh a handful of times.


anyway cid is a complete asshole and just trashed my hipster shelf so i fed him and while he was eating i yelled at him ARE YOU DONE BEING AN ASSHOLE NOW!? and i surprised myself cos i used my speaking-to-a-human-being voice.

i need to get out of here.

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