i bought a shoe organizer thingy from dollarama and it looks like it is suppose to be the most amazing thing ever to own and so i put all my potato shoes innit and it completely fell apart, slammed to the floor and my shoes landed in a sad, little pile. so i put it up again and it seems to be ok. looks silly. oh well. And YES i took a cab. dammit.

i’m sorry, what?

I really hope i don’t take a cab today. yesterday i took two. the day before i took two. the day before that i took three. gahhhh! The thing i hate most is waiting for the cab and putting my arm up in the air like a doorknob and then everyone is watching you and then the cab just whizzes by ’cause someone is already in it and then you have to mutter something to yourself like, “oh boy, that one is taken…” unnngh. Yesterday i took the streetcar all by myself!!! And i only waited six minutes and i played bumper bowl on my cell phone and i figured out how to turn the game volume down and then i got to my stop and i bought a hamburger and a coke and onion rings and i gave high-fives to everyone in the restaurant.

uhhh i totally forgot that i had a diary at diaryland. i only made it so i could post dumb comments on other people’s journal-things and then i got bored of that idea. as you can see.

i am going mentally retarded on my walls right now. Coolhandluke says i am a freak. I like it. kinda. i went to the tanning salon today. it was good. my elbows feel dry and scratchy. it is raining today. boo. i work at 6. i missed my crazy appointment again. i suck. so i ate eggs and went to the salon. ever since i wrote that i was jewish i have been receiving emails from nice jewish boys who are all interested in me. heh. maybe i will convert to hasidic judaism and shave my head and then wear a funny wig and kercheif. wtf??

Watched Buffalo 66 last nite. loved it. christina ricci has fat ankles but, well, whatever. being bossed around by a skinny sissy is hot. took ten thousand buses to sherway mall just to eat New York fries with “the works” and walk around and smoke hash. sorry mum.

Gavin from VICE told me he would block my IP if i post anymore irrelevance on the boards. meh.

back to painting.

ps i will let you hang out with me on halloween if you tell me where i can get either
a) hot girl cop costume or
b)hot fuzzy bear-thing costume

thank you

the asshole thinks these are the best webcam photos ever.

i want to be on this site so bad it hurts! BLACK PEOPLE LOVE US. i am really jealous and in love with everything about it and i can’t stop laughing and i wish i had a yellow white-person sweater to tie around my shoulders. Serious.


i like it.

i dunno why i haven’t linked this earlier. i wanted to keep it to myself, perhaps. meh. anyhow, this dude, dale, is like famous at certain hot spots around the T dot for being drunk and weird and dork-like and well, watch each video and you’ll see what i mean. it is HILARIOUS.

my eyes are burning.

i bought a 16 dollar bottle of sake before work and drank it all and then i spent 24 more dollars on food and 3.99 on tube socks and tomorrow i think i will spend 200 dollars on a jacket because i am missus moneybags.

Here is what I purchased from Honest Ed’s yesterday:

pink loofah thing to scrub my butt in the shower – $2.99

bootleg crappy bruce lee dvd – $6.97

hat-thing – $1.99

shirt-thing – $7.99

fake maroon adidas jacket-thing – $7.99

plastic army men things – 99 cents

jewish keychain because i am jewish – $4.97 but actually paid $2.99 for it because i am a scammer

white, fluffy fake polar bear fuck-me on the hardwood floor by my fireplace rug-thing – $24.99

another hat-thing – $2.99

bouncy balls – 99 cents

and then other things i can’t remember