Got Printed for Posterity as Plaster Figurine at My 3D Agency

Last week I got 3D printed.  read about 3D Printing in Toronto at My 3D Agency and you will see the whole deal and Jason Priestly too.  Jason wasn’t there that day. He doesn’t work there. Not sure the connection to be honest, but his picture and 3d figurine are front and center on their site. Should be me.

Raymi at My 3D Agency

Now I have a 3D figurine that perfectly represents my image at this time in my life. I’m elated.

Maybe I should go into business selling figurines of my likeness all over the free world.

How did this happen, you ask?

I signed up to be 3D scanned, computer modeled, and made into a digital 3D media file, and then a few minutes later I was printed layer upon layer and reproduced as a photo-realistic plaster figurine.  A doll.  An action figure. A femme fatale, a villain.

Here’s Michael Gossack the owner of My 3D Agency checking me out. Hey Michael take a picture it will last longer.

Michael Gossack - My 3D Agency

Here’s how it went.


Michael used his mobile scanning technology to take a full body scan of me in my desired pose.

I was challenged to come up with an interesting pose. This is how I respond to a challenge.  I struck a confrontational pose

Raymi at 3D scanning

Michael took multiple scans to get the best possible data for the 3D print .

Michael asked me take my glasses off as it seems easier to ‘add’ these in post.

Once the data was captured,

Michael had to put on his graphic designer hat and flush out the design even more – adding and improving the glasses and who will combine, edit and texturize all the data collected for a
print-ready 3D model.

raymi media file - 3d file for printing

Now that the file is ready, it is uploaded into a final print software for last- minute fixes and positioning. In a few hours, the full- colour model comes to life.

Michael Gossack at My3DAgencythis is gypsum – a special powder used in 3D printing.

Gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O) is the most common sulfate mineral, but i bet its still expensive as hell when put into a 12 pound pail with a lid and a handle.

I don’t have any shots of the figurine being printed, but if i did I’d put em here.

Once the model is finished printing, it goes through a few steps of post-processing and finishing . . .

Raymi figurine oiled in bucket1

It gets a stabilizer and treatment.

Raymi statue gets wiped down - 3d printing

Then it dries.

And is then ready to be shipped out.

What does that mean for you? It means you too can be 3D printed.

and get a digital 3D file and then get 3d printed in full colour.










Loving the Luxury Lifestyle in Leslieville

Helloweek. The week when Halloween is over for adults, but still hasn’t happened yet for kids.  Its a holiday misfire. Are you happy? Oh I’m ready to unleash.  When this month ends i will put on a disguise and go full hallow. Looking forward to something-different November


every piece of jewellery tells a story

Sometimes my energy goes for a walk outside in Leslieville, and occasionally gets invited inside for drinks.  Here i am going inside On the Other Hand jewellery shop at 1015 Queen St E.  You have to buzz and wait. They look you over and will unlock the front door if they like what they see, just like they do downtown at the fancy shops in Yorkville.

Raymi at On the Other hand jewellery in Toronto

The owners are halfway through painting a mural on the exterior of their abode, so today the store appears to be ‘molting’ into a colourful maturity, just like the rest of the neighbourhood.

Leslieville is an area of Toronto that is emerging. When people say an area is emerging it means condos are emerging. When condos appear it means the cool artsy shops and cafes that were struggling a decade ago, and now thriving, will soon disappear. One by one they’ll be gobbled up by bigger businesses. Franchise outlets will devour the cute sandwich shops and the indy cafés will go Starbucks and On the Other Hand jewellery store will … probably survive. These gals are survivors, and what they do is very unique.

On the Other Hand jewellery shop is run by two girls. Below is Karen MacRae who’s a big name Canadian jewellery designer and gemologist. She’s fun because she’s happy and she’s happy because she has a great job and super interesting life making things with her hands.

Raymi with Karen MacRae inside leslieville jewellery studio.

She took me a behind-the-scenes tour of her craft studio, which soon after became a shopping spree in the front end of her store.

Raymi at the ring cabinet in the jewellery store

shopping fo0r bling at On the Other Hand jewellery in Leslieville

On the Other Hand Jewellery in Leslieville makes Custom Jewellery

Too broke to buy new bling?  Can’t afford hand-crafted keepsakes made from gold, silver and Mexican wood? Me neither, so I was thrilled to be bribed. It was a bribe the scribe scenario. The goods are certainly not free to me, as you understand reading this artful text that took so much time to compose.

While Karen tends toward traditional fine gold and silver and she uses the best diamonds and gemstones to make superb World class custom engagement rings, Sabrina likes to ‘break the mold’ and use more unconventional materials – like wood.ring made from bocacho

Above is silver ring with a Bocote wood insert.  Each piece is beautifully unique, with striking patterns of swirling grain. Native to Mexico, Central and South America, this wood is also used to fabricate musical instruments and gun stocks.  Sabrina just wrote about breaking tradition by using unconventional materials to make jewellery on the OTOH blog.

I had an idea for a TV show – Is this the End of the World? Thirteen scenarios. Every episode would be a meltdown of some kind. Start with Trump in Episode One – a deranged US president makes an apocalypse to get re elected. Second episode – environmental disaster – Trump again. Third episode, economic meltdown. That episode follows Trump’s America First economic action plan to its logical conclusion – class warfare.

nfinsihed skull ring at On the Other Hand jewellery

unfinished skull ring at On the Other hand jewellery

Is this the End of the World? series would have Metallica ‘Four Horsemen’, as theme song. That’s whats this ring is about.  Its one of the first things that caught my eye when i went inside the jewellery studio in the back of the shop. Its a ring for the end-of-the-world.
working in the back of OTOH with karen Macrae and Sabrina Melendez

Sabrina Melendez is a Swiss trained and certified goldsmith. Together with Karen they’re a team and a couple of kindred spirits who frequently collaborate. They’re inherently happier than the rest of us because they have fun and interesting lives and as such they seldom argue with each other.  Its easy to get giggling and have a blast with people who are happy.

Sabrina is a work horse who is always doing something. While I was messing around with Karen in the back she was doing engravings and setting a ring. She never stopped, except to come out and give me one of her pieces. a necklace

Sabrina A Melendez - jewellery designer in Canada


Sabrina took a break to give me one of her necklaces, a silver Slinky-like band on a black leather cord. It has a great weight and sophistication. It has a subtle charm. I love it.

Sabrina wrote this abo0ut the necklace in an email she sent to me later that afternoon,

…usually when I make a piece of jewellery it’s around a pretty stone. That’s my starting point. The point of the exercise with those necklaces was to use metal pieces that I had available for something cool. So I had this silver metal tube available. (making tube is a labor intensive process). The tube sat at my bench for months before I decided to make some really simple necklaces with them. I also had this beautiful Japanese cord ( the necklace part) It’s made in Japan, it’s great quality and the cord has this sort of shimmer to it, you can tell it’s well made. So I decided to put these 2 simple elements together, the cord and the silver tube, and one shows off the other I think.


What’s so cool about On The Other Hand jewellery is that anything is possible. If you have an idea or some materials and a sketch these gals can breath it into life.  On the Other Hand jewellery makes luxury in Leslieville.















Raymi in a b o x

As with all magazine features, there is a q&a that goes into a black hole when there’s a lack of space issue. Which delights me because now I can funnel a bunch of views to my blog and use that content for my damn self so without further ado, read on little buddy. This is what I thought about myself in July.

What’s one word that best describes your box portrait experience?

It was an empowering experience and I am really glad I braided my hair that morning plus wore those dangly earrings, it really worked out.

How did you feel afterwards?

I felt pretty pumped, proud and accomplished. A few friends expressed interest in getting naked in the box themselves. Seeing is believing so once they saw the magic that the simplicity of boxed nudes can be, it just spread from there. I don’t think they ever got around to it so now I imagine they’d be kinda pissed at themselves.

What was the reaction of your family/partner/friends?

Awesomeness and a funny facebook thread. I am renowned for my past with nudes so I am pretty sure some people were like whatever Raymi. You still get a thrill each time you undress and despite considering myself a bit of a nudist, I still get shy.

Would you pose naked outside of a box? And how do you think the box changed things?

As previously mentioned I’ve gone buff before. I think I’d pose nude again if I had full creative control, great lighting, props, setting, location, and concept. I guess that sounds control freakish but you gotta do you. I’m into outdoor nudity in places you wouldn’t expect.

What was the last thing that you did that scared you?

I hung out with Miss World Canada beauty queens for a few days subjecting myself to jealous personal comparisons and accepting the aging process. It actually wasn’t scary after all. I enjoyed momming them a bit.

What do you wish people understood more about you?

How charming and witty I actually am. More people deserve to experience me in real life and have the pleasure of my humour. A lot of people think I am crazy which I chalk up to a big misunderstanding and sexism. I am simply a self-assured go-getter whom also happens to be an unbridled genius. I’m special I know it and exploit it for personal gain. One must, no?

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?


In what ways are you the same as your childhood self?

I have arrested development. I was thinking about this in my uber ride en route to work this morning. I’m OLD but I have no intention of aging, maturing, or ever growing up any time soon.

Thanks to HOLR Magazine and to Mike Parker

Dear blog

How’s it going?

I am full of beans today I feel f*cking fantastic!

I Napoleon Dynamite’d a sample of cold brew coffee this AM on my bike ride to work and I made awesome time to the office. A starbucks employee had a tray with one drink left on it and an egg sammy (hate people who say that but I had to) I go I’ll take that bro! The kid looked all around til he noticed me on my bike with my hand outstretched. He goes okay, comes over, gives me the song and dance about what kind of coffee it is and I chugged it right down thank god it was a cold drink. I went to eat the egg thing but thought better of it (too much chewing) then peddled off. All the cars waiting at the red light I like to think were like GO SISTER YASS. My thighs are getting stronger and I can tackle steep hills uphill without dying as much or jumping off to walk my bike in failure. I still jump curbs and shit like a prick so enjoy the visual if you have time.

I stayed up late-ish last night and miraculously awoke without a hangover. I feel capital Raymazing. You might even think manic but nope, I am just happy. Happiness is a warm gun and I’m gonna shoot mine at everyone.

I have been wearing this jacket a lot. When you have too many clothes and then favour one thing for days out of protest with nobody. With your wardrobe. I defy thee, Fanciful clothes!

I always bring a backup outfit after biking to work but then I keep my sporty look on because it feels like a power look and adds some pep to my step. When I wear my stuffy office clothes I feel like a frump hiding a gross body. If you wear work-out clothes as real clothes you make slightly healthier choices. The system works.

Oh yes it gets stupider looking. Thanks for the pants mom!

We got a hotel so we could go swimming and felt like summer didn’t just blow on by. We spent one hour only in the pool. They got rid of the hot tub at the Sheraton which is fine because the pool is heated. You know what’s hilarious about looking like a degenerate Baywatch lifeguard swimming to-and-fro like an off the clock Bill Murray? Everything.

Heather and I didn’t see each other all summer long. Crazy busy girls. It was nice to reunite!

I stopped to scratch my head here I had to take off my helmet to get to the source of the itch then looked up and noticed this, what would you call it?

Such whimsy.

See I wore it last night too. It’s cosmetic this colour. Now you know my secrets.

A brief scene from Friday. Another one for the books. A book that will be slammed closed tight in a vault sunken to the bottom of the ocean.

It was cold af Friday. This week is nice though. Got my Indian summer after all yo make the best of this week.

Went to the ball game. We lost. It was lit.

Scotch Fridays are legendary ’round here. Starts the weekend off right.

BTS KFC commercial. I asked if I could take a pic of their sandwich later on in the day and they all gawked at me like I was a total idiot. Film industry people are GIANT ASSHOLES. They run on no sleep, shit hours, they are always behind schedule and they’re all gruff grumpy and treat you like dog shit so I purposely asked to take the picture because I knew it would be met with disdain. Right again my friends! Not like a chicken sandwich is giving away trade secrets.

I bring you guys the hard-hitting news that you love.

What can I say? I’m just totally drawn to show business.

When the Canadian Tux comes out it’s fall y’all.

My donair from last week. I try not to eat these too often so much BUT when I do I get a big ego trip like I think the pub is in love with me for being so endearing eating their cultural culinary thing like this came out super fast and the cook always peeks under the pass to see who ordered the donair they must be badass then he sees me and I pretend I didn’t see that I saw but I did. Yes my life is this pathetic that I think about shit like this.

Another bike outfit. I wonder what my rear looks like when I am burning it down the road the skirt flips do they think I am a tennis player? I hope so.

This is my teeny room. I am moving btw. To a bachelor. No roommates. I am a big girl now. I hope I don’t regret it only because of the location it’s where all the crack addicts chill on Queen east. Hoping to befriend them and they are cool to tenants who can just call the po on them right?

This was a night I power walked home literally couldn’t tell you which one.

Another day another brilliant outfit. If you reckon I am trolling the world through fashion you’re right. Countdown to copycats.

A day I used the TTC it doesn’t happen often so I took a picture.

Sushi after my hair appt last week with Donna.

Too bad so blurry I love this ladies room.

It’s fashion week and Tiff at the same time in Toronto. Yorkville is quite the neighbourhood to take that all in of course.

Do you get FOMO or JOMO when you see this?

Hey there sports fans. Feeling my new locks. I vow to get my hair did more frequently.

Because look. Thanks again Donna Dolphy! Check her out if you want expensive and healthy looking hair too.

I want that backpack.

Yes the outfit is thrown together weirdness but you know me idgaf.

Fierce face.

I hoarded these on my phone for a year because I liked how I looked this night. In a past life.

Donna’s crazy glasses.

Thuper blonde signing off this thuper post good day one and all.

the blog days of summer

This is from Sunday. Its been so long since you’ve looked at me, so. I changed my bathing suit from one-piece to this about 5 times. Tash wanted to go to Cabana. I am glad that didn’t happen though. Follow along little hombres…

Dude look at my eyes! Too bad I have David Bowie Iris’s. We just had a funny discussion in the office trying to figure out what the word for Iris even is. Office humour is ridiculous. Anything can set you off. Well, me at least. I have so many good ones on rotation you’ve never heard before. I am going to blog again, or more often so that I can eventually get to all of them. Write. Period. Have said that many times before but this time, I tell ya!

I’ve finally begun biking to and fro work. I leave looking excellent and arrive a sweaty, tanned mess. I wish I started sooner this summer I just think about all the money I have thrown into the Uber garbage and I go into a guilt spiral then I worry about upcoming colder months and how there is no way I am biking in the cold-ass morning I’ll end this tenure of cycling whimsy in October and hopefully we’ll get a long Indian summer at that.

When I take on anything physical I have to be the best. Today for instance I did a trick off a speed bump while gunning it south down Carlaw and a stroller mom was all HELL YEAH. I caught so much air and bounced like a bad ass. My time getting to work is pretty impressive now. I can’t believe I used to ride around town without a helmet on before blasting music completely oblivious to impending ice cream trucks Fed-ex vans and shit. I’m a lot smarter now albeit athletically reckless because my physique allows it… just don’t ask me about my ride back home.

Oh yeah I’m going kayaking after work today. Have been meaning to go with my colleague all summer. Better late than never. Which also means I have to bail on a going-away party. urgh.

It’s the dog days of summer. I have to remember that I am around Millennials whom have likely not seen the cinematic masterpiece Dog Day Afternoon before. Someone recently asked me what “dog days of summer” meant. People usually don’t know what I mean anyway so it’s one part Raymism and one part “an actual thing”. Dog days of summer means the ass end of summer. But you already knew that didn’t you because you’re so smart.

I lead an interesting life if I do say so myself. Instead of extrapolating something not much out of nothing I now have an even richer, more full-bodied way about things and I don’t ever write about any of it. Shame. The writer is a peculiar sort. They can only do it when they want to do it. Or it’s simply supreme stubbornness. I usually blame it on exhaustion, social media, and all the things I do that I dare not say.

Now you’ll find this hard to believe and only special to me but, the dog days of summer tend to DEPRESS ME EXPONENTIALLY. You have to be Canadian to understand this. You have to endure 8 months of winter every year for your entire life to get it.

I am actually listening to Fred Eaglesmith’s Summer is over right now here are the lyrics. Gorgeous. You know how I love the beauty in sadness.

Well, summer is over
The turnstiles are seized
The Ferris wheel turns by itself in the breeze
And the big diesel engines
Idle out on the lawn
Summer is over
And my baby’s gone
And the roller coaster
Pulls at its pins
The bumper boats drift out
And they drift back in
And the September breezes
Are bringing winter along
Summer is over
And my baby’s gone
And the ring that she won me
Is broken in pieces
And I sat on the hat
Now it’s got extra creases
And she didn’t answer
The last time I called
To tell her they were scrubbing
Our names off the wall
But she left a message
And I should have known
Summer is over
And my baby’s gone
Yeah, summer is over
And my baby’s gone

Love this. I live in a magical land of make believe this is suiting af.

I pass here often. There are many famous faces on the other wall. If you know it then you know it.

These are up all over Leslieville. I collect them. Something is f’d up about each one. Also yes payphones still exist I am glad that they do you’re not funny shut up and goodbye. When things are of a bygone era and still around, let them! Aren’t you afraid of the future and time speeding up? Don’t you feel old and thankless? I am at both times modern and nostalgic just deal.

I like this guy. My fav is the Mickey Mouse with his brains exposed like that scene in Hannibal when Ray Liotta is fed his own brain. BARF.

First bike ride before work selfie in case I died. I also like “uniforms” ok nevermind ha ha.

Left-over party accoutrement.

I could not resist.

This is how I build/implement office culture. I try.

I’d like to take credit for this. Just the coins and the bust of Apollo I got from an old man’s garage sale in Muskoka. I keep it on my desk to feel regal and I also keep eyeglass solution to feel needed by coworkers and possibly liked.

A mellow yellow afternooner.

I have never actually linked our company Full Stack‘s website on my blog yet before (we are still waiting on that revamp which will be super soon fyi) but when it launches I will for sure be all over that.

I went to Nando’s on Queen west. I love their chicken so much. Their price point is absurd to slightly ostentatious but they can get away with it because it’s delicious af.

A definite treat yoself moment in time.

How hungry does this make you? Actual art yo. Let me know if you want to ever send me Nando’s and/or take me there. I’m a bit of a lone wolf tbh and can often times be irritated by all company so good luck with that.

My work buddy joined Tash and I on Sunday Funday.

I used to talk shit about the east end all the time and now I live here. It’s quaint. It can get isolating because everybody seems to live everywhere else. Whatever. You know where I am if you want me. Do I sound bitter rn? GOOD. (Just kidding).

Hello again.

Dressing the part is half the work.

I decided I wanted to be hot for the rest of summer. No I’m not fishing I’m stating.

Treats from America. Thanks Tess. Love her.

Here’s one where I am emo.

Then smiling with an instagram filter.

And in a dress.

Yes I wear these glasses a lot. They help me see better when I bike ride and also at night. My vision is starting to crap out on me. Okay I have “real work” to do now thanks for dropping in ttyl xo your pal Raymi.

Miss World Canada 2017

Last week KPDI Digital Strategy Agency and I had the opportunity to work with the Miss World Canada pageant in Toronto and what an experience that was. A colleague of mine has been working alongside the pageant for over a decade now. I’d always hear about it and passively judge but not this year… my eyes are completely open to the world of beauty pageantry now!

My foray into the beautiful world of pageants began at Mayfair Clubs (my new favourite place) where the ladies performed three fitness challenges and capped it off with a saltwater selfie in the pool – fun times! To see the official Mayfair coverage on Miss World Canada go here: Mayfair Clubs hosts fitness day in Toronto.

It was an entertaining thrill to see the girls compete as well as made me feel out of shape but motivated to get back at it myself (someday). They pushed the sled to and fro, did chin-ups, and push-ups all before noon.

I personally enjoyed the tropical (very humid) climate of the pool area. It was like a detox in and of itself. Washing, drying, and styling my hair that morning was a waste. I sat on that bench and slated each girl’s name because in the water they can all look the same and we needed to know the right contact deets to send these clips to. When the little things become the big things. I also learned that girls born in more recent generations have weirdly spelled names. One girl’s name was spelled “Terin”. Each new name given befuddled and amazed me more than the last.

We used a HERO 5 GoPro on a magic arm mount underwater to capture five seconds of each girl’s poses which all varied in style and creativity. The addition of the crowns were a great touch.

The contestants worked up an appetite after all that endurance work and were provided a delicious + healthy lunch by the Mayfair Clubs Bistro of wraps and salads…

….and everything was gobbled up, impressively so.

The next day we got our cruise on with Mariposa Cruises and had the pleasure of touring the harbour in The Oriole, a Victorian era steamship replica built in Port Dover, Ontario. It was lovely to be out on the open water on such a hot day. The sizzle video above from Toronto video production company captures the excitement.

We had a dance party and took a lot of photos. My kinda day and scene for sure. This is the winner of the Velago Outdoor Patio Furniture set.

Photo opps everywhere I looked.

These guys were the coolest of course.

Friday brought us to Cabana Pool Bar for the swimsuit and fashion show competition. It was another sweltering day and therefore another much appreciated by the water day for your hero. Not to mention, behind the scenes experience of REBEL night club.

The girls set-up their green room in this gorgeous, Toronto-homage mural-themed room replete with bird cages. The symbolism was not lost on me.

Oh I love that wallpaper so much.

I regretted not bringing a proper bathingsuit. I stuck my legs in the pool once. Got a nice glow on my top though.

That’s Ryan, the handler of the girls. What a job and an all around great guy. He grew up around pageants as his sister competed “back in the day”.

Jen did the girls’ makeup and told us a few insider deets on who would make the top 15 cut and I would not at all believe her about one girl in particular. Jen you were right of course haha.

One of the bonuses of rolling with the Miss World Canada crew is seeing the spectacle the girls create and all of the crowd reactions. It’s a media circus. The winner will go on to compete on the World stage – go Canada!

The balloons are a nice touch and several times you’d think they were loose and floating away. Gosh summer feels like it’s flying by. Sadness.

The fashion show was amazing despite many obnoxious pool urchins requiring rival attention. Overheard many catty people. Don’t worry I didn’t get involved. That’s bottle service culture for ya. Plus self-important millennials. I was like, why are these people all here dont you have to be at the office which is where I would have been if not for this pageant.

The catcalling during the swimsuit show was also my favourite. Plus being a VIP and accessing anywhere I like even when security tried to tell me where to go, no sorry bro this side of the rope is just fine by me.

Ned was also my favourite. He likes miniatures. He’s in fashion can you tell?

Gotta get that lake selfie shot in there.

Congratulations to Cynthia Menard!

You gotta get your down by the water selfie on.

Til next time folks!

-your pal Raymi



Tweetsteria Trivia Game Host

Game show host – added that job to my resume this week.

game show studio cagneys tweetsteria

Wednesday night (May 24, 2017) Raymbo was in Mississauga, the place where I grew up you know, to give back to the community as Game Show host.  Four hundred and twenty bucks, which is twenty one $20 bills.

Tweetsteria Raymi w Laura Bilotta
I was the star power behind Tweetsteria’s suburban debut. Laura from Single in the City called me to super fan hype the Twitter hysteria she hopes to spark with this thing, She called me too late though…   I could have wrangled many, many more desperate Mississaugans that are my peeps in those parts.

Laura Bilotta twenty dollar bills Tweetsteria Raymi the Minx

To make it even more special I put on a lavender dress, and wore long purple gloves.  A cartoonist in the room captured the look in pen and ink – classic.
Raymi in dress with purple gloves
My purple hand dispensed cash to single people – the is Purple Hand P.O.V. below.

Purple glove hand POV cash Tweetsteria winner

Fun and fiscally rewarding, Tweetsteria wouldn’t be remarkable except the winners get cold hard cash, twenty dollar bills!

I have a pretty good feeling about the game.  It’ll probably take off.  Trivia for Singles paid for by local businesses. It sounds contrived but it works. Everybody in the room knew each other by the end of the night and the people who didn’t use their real Twitter accounts missed out.

Adrian at Tweetsteria

Here’s Adrian who is my long time pal from Mississauga. i think he had a good time but didn’t win any $20s or get lucky in any other way.Tweetseria winner get money

Tweetsteria is a Twitter powered trivia game for Single people looking for love and money. It’s a new digital enhanced Singles event that requires a specially tricked-out restaurant.   Rob below is the head trickster and that’s Alex from Cagney’s Steakhouse and Wine bar in Mississauga. Rob set the whole thing up, and it worked okay except the Twitter feed wasn’t always displayed chronologically which is kinda important in a time sensitive race , to be first.


Cagney’s looks like a game show set already, but they chose it because it has big TVs over the bar. To put on the show requires a bar with at least  two televisions; one to put up questions and another to search for answers on Twitter, all posts marked with the #Tweetsteria hashtag.

rami crowd wiode

Its all paid for by sponsors, and so was I. So FYI this is the sponsored part pf this blog. On the night, I gave money on behalf of a personal injury lawyer Zayouna Law and Softtron Tax and Weed-A-Way lawn maintenance and Thermo-Bilt Window and Doors and Master Mechanic and DRMG direct mail company yeah I know… Sponsored part over. Just us again. What do these companies all have in common? They’re all boring as hell. Something like this, someone like me tweeting for them and now blogging for them is probably the most exciting thing that’s ever happened, like ever. And it just might be the most exciting thing that ever will happen. Hopefully not, but it probably is.

Tweetsteria works to hook up singles

Tweetsteria brought out some geeky gals – the blond is my friend  @heather

Erika Fergusson with Heather the babe
An exciting mix of drama and confusion followed most questions in Tweetsteria – confusing to find out who won as the one Twitter update would always bring ten tweets or more at once, and Laura would always have to scroll back to find the winner, the first to post. There were laughs too when players had different answers and nobody’s answer matched Laura’s answer –another type of hysteria ensued.

sey men
Attractive strangers got involved.

Couple times the players won food from the kitchen and one time it came out on fire!cagneys flaming Sagnaki
Behold Cagney’s flaming Saganaki – cheese in Pita bread drenched in Ouzo and set ablaze.

Would have been a great part of the show show except the waitress delivered it to the wrong person. Here he is giving back where it belongs.

steaming Sagnaki switch back

Raymi with Laura Bilotta from Single in the City, Tweetsteria

After the last question, it was clear the alpha team led by @S_Tam won the most twenties and so Laura gave cash and her book as Grand Prize.




exercising visibility

Hello friends! Mamember me?

As we know I’ve been blogging for a long ass time and in the time that my blog ages, so does your hero. Sad but true but it’s all about maintenance and upkeep. Look at my grown ass niece. And Heather, she’s my bestie who used to read this stupid blog for years and now she’s mine. Magical, magical, that blogging tho.

We spent the day after my bday hobnobbing around Queen West, the mall, mimosas, brunch, shopping, back to the hotel for martinis and nachos then went to see a movie (Get Out) which I passed out during a good portion of the “best part” so I will have to see it again.

Here is that same pic without filters, I don’t look so bad considering haha. The trick is to extend your checkout to 2pm and sleep every second up to that. I think I recall babbling at one point before it was lights out and my mom or someone goes, Lauren, you’re asleep, shut up. Hahahhaa. Heather did that happen?

My niece has a big heart. That’s her giving some change to the dude.

As you can see I wanted to do sweet f all for my bday. I got a full time job yo plus I’m a date machine right now, it’s killing me. I rented a movie then my mom showed up, then Hailey, then Heather, then my second wind showed up too. Mostly I wanted to provide a space for us to all chill and be ourselves and counsel my niece whom I don’t see enough. This is how you stay forever young, remain childlike and try to have fun. It’s hilarious this one hater attacks and attacks me and will no doubt chime some bullshit on her twitter after seeing the time my fam and I had. I hate haters. Like, you’re such a disease. The gift I wanted most of all was to see my niece happy. It wasn’t about me and making fun of us for “acting like toddlers” you are a sad ugly creature and you don’t know fun, never have.

Great photos all taken by my mother as usual, thanks mummsy.

It started like this though. All I wanted was a burger. I actually had a chill, the curtains were drawn my mom was like uhhhm? When I initially checked in alone I felt like a cliche but also a sense of independence and thrill at being alone for a couple of hours for a luxurious nap.

Heather and her sparkle boots won the weekend.

More examples of how much I didn’t care I packed the dumbest shit to wear. This was Sunday, went for a walk with a friend.


New clothes help shake the fog of winter off y’all. And if it says babe on my shirt people might think that I am one.

Tess brought me that hat to work. The sprad we had to dine on from Cheese Boutique was phenomenal thanks again. You shouldn’t really gloat about your bday at work but I did it for my fans. If I didn’t acknowledge the milestone of my birthday every year in some obnoxious way you would feel sad for me. I realy don’t care about my bday. right.

Hi mom. Nice shot.

We were hot messes after checkout and had to fix our situation. Thanks Heather.

Yeah I’m gonna need to get that taken in.

Brunch was so fun.

These are out of order because that’s how I get them from my mom’s facebook. Nothing changes.


One guy brought me up cake when my mom sad it was my bday, did not request (I don’t like cake tbh – gasp) but anyway he was swell you’ll see a picture soon.

So adorbs. Love you three dummies. xoxox


We do have a beautiful city.


My mom’s Facebook was lit this night. I am hesistant to post some of these best-ofs. Its’ funny how you “change” your approach to blogging exposure.

Pretty nice.

Pretty nice too. Heather fits in with my fam like, I didn’t even have to do anything it was great and seamless and it’s nice to have another Auntie for Hailey. Jesus take the wheel!

It was cold. DT is a legit wind tunnel all about that area jeez.

We had a wonderful time taking photos and changing costumes. I am very lucky to have a friend like Heathe who has lots of head accessories and love and makeup and life.

To be Continued gotta go!