Need something done get a blogger

Hi welcome to RAYMILAND! A very special place. Make sure your shoes are tied!

I get so lazy in the winter, complete opposite of how I am in the summer. Bad girl.

Excessive a little bit. You can’t even make all of the HK gear out in the crystal box pile, oh my.

I never get tired of seeing my blog on the big screen.

Did not exceed expectations. Met them. Bland, but, ok?

Actually think the fam would dig it plus you get to just leave it in its cardboard house platter, would get lost in the kerfuffle this weekend though and then made fun of for life.

Good look. Would sweat out in a club though. Hi I am wearing 3 blankets.

My phone is turning into mystery camera once I start going backwards in time it’s like, when in the hell did that happen?

Anita’s attitude adjuster Teach ordered for me, the booziest drink ever. Totally unnecessary at the time. Bumped into Nathan down Oss on our way out and he was like woah guys wtf. We were a mess.

Painted on pants. swoon.

Got a ridic amount of shots.

No way I could outshine her. Didn’t go like this. Too cold.

This cabbie gave me a lift for free, such a sweetheart. I am big on acts of kindness like that (his debit machine wasn’t connecting) so I have his card and number and he’s going to get a nice little Raymi reward.

Ooh those heels.

Grow hair baby grow!

Grilled caesar from watusi. We were loaded after Lana, needed food bad. Won’t be going back for awhile cos we fought in the back I’m sure it wasn’t that embarrassing but still, ha. You know how it is.

When those spanish heels are on you know I’ve been practising burlesque. Can you guys handle a show Dec 18, a Sunday? the 11th is way too soon I think.

My old blonde bestie is now a mousy (looks great though) brunette. What’s the point now? Lol. I’ll tell you about our FTP failure later, basically it conflicted with Lana’s concert. Lana. Ha. First name basis now.

I had a dirty martini for dinner and samosas and that’s where the trouble began. Sarah had a gin one.

Sam Crenshaw face.

Does Marilyn Dennis sleep here at night like being locked in a department store (my dream fantasy as a kid). I would, her show is at the crack of fuck in the morning.

We killed time here, there is nowhere else to hang. It’s nice and tinted these windows, it was way sunnier than this photo appears but it was COLD so so cold. Bad cold. Bad line-up cold. We got our photo taken in line but it’s not so hot. I’ll post it anyway. I made them retake a few, and said I couldn’t right click to tweet it and they (rogers) were like just tweet from our account, I said no thanks I’d rather do from mine and the guy is like why, how many followers do you have? I said 3000. he moved on but then came back when the info sunk in and went WHAT!???? Yeah I’m a famous blogger and in fact we don’t even know why we are in this line right now haha. Gave him my card.

Cool? Cool. Have a great night and a wonderful weekend.