Look good now die later

Oh dear. Sorry to everyone I hit, punched, kicked, stomped, shoved or pushed while dance spazz attacking. I am paying for it today in uber soreness, hobbling around and limping down the stairs urggg.

INTENSE It felt like the Beatles on pop rocks and adrenaline shots to the heart blaaaaaaaaaaaah out of control thrill, my mind is still blown. We were that scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day off when they burst into impromptu shake it a baby street parade but now that I am a dancing on a float expert I know that they were just lip syncing partying in the street to a song everybody knows cos every time my bro and I would watch it we’d be like HOW ARE THEY ALL DOING THAT HOW DO THEY KNOW TO SING THAT SONG OUT OF THE BLUE LIKE THAT FOR!!? And I was actually a valedictorian once.

I was worried I would look like an insect with my wings an these round glasses. Not gonna lie I am not in to the round shades sorry Gaga’s out there. Anyway I looked like The Tick instead GREAT. LOL. These are Bech’s walk of shame fame glasses I wore to Booger King with her the morning after MSTRKRFT. B-a-l-l-e-r-s!

People everywhere. It was bonkers. I will remember this for the rest of my life. Or this week. o_O.

Okay it’s not mystery camera’s fault now I know for certain it’s Raymbecca’s. She zooms in then goes picture happy and then close ups of my face cool.

Now I look like a Fraggle Rock Gay Superhero. I got sprayed by water a lot until it made my mascara run then I stopped taking shots in the face. People had super soakers everywhere.

Absolute madness :). That adrenaline rush is addictive. I’m going to post colleague’s shots tomorrow when my brains stop scrambling. Mommy is nappy times.

Then Raymbecca left a Shasha bag in the cab and I lost my favourite daisy duke cut offs (talk about LEGENDARY as a matter of fact) that were in it and Bech and I disputed over it for the following 24 hours and why she would not apologize when I never had that bag in my hands once. I wasn’t mad at all actually but like come on, I would say sorry if I lost your favourite sweater button because I’m an apologizaholic (sorry about that)(buhaha) anywhoo it’s a party hazard and that shit happens. Enough good happens to me some bad has to once in awhile too why not.

We hung out with the dude who does Shasha’s hair. All day long we repeated Sha-sha Sha-sha over and over again because we are eccentric like that and when you get in the vortex with me and Bech we talk vomit compete. A new thing is sumo wrestling.

OMG TP how humiliating. I have wiping ocd (like my brother) and good metabolism. Sue me.

No wonder I did a salon visit today my hair was natty ratty bombatty!

Luckily I have a stand-in pair of cut-offs. These ones are more snug so more reason to keep it skinny times.

You can see my teeny belly scar from a piece of glass. Happened when I was 3 or 4. Thanks Shawn.

So the cut of my burlesque sparkle pants made me look a bit hippy but whatevs I ain’t cryin’. I am going off fast food for good now Dagnabbit. I know I’ll trim down in Aruba cos I won’t get the munchies there so that’s cool.

The roof is a fun place to be in the summer.

I need to film a funny show up here.

Pretty giggly. This picture took a billion attempts.

As did this. Sidenote: Started watching Chasing Amy last night for the first time. Cheeseballs with the passage of time, the lingo but I’ll give Kevin Smith just this one point for bettering Clerks. Which was dog shit city IMO. When is he going to email me and tell me to go f myself for ripping on him periodically over the past half-decade? Anyway I will watch the other half. If Joey Lauren Adams doesn’t end up doing Affleck I am going to be severely annoyed. Don’t tell me either or I will be annoyeder.

Juju Bear and I at Hoxton Mstrkrft Absolut freak fest it was amazing. Still have loads of pics to post yeah yeah you know etc.

Cool pics Becca thank you.

Steve gave me great Hairapy @HeadCandySalon this morning. Had to do it twice my ends are so dry, the second time with a stain. Then a little itty bitty trim.

Applique uno. Thanks guys!

And because I am a visionary genius I knew to wear my purple sparkle Dorothy flats. Who does that? THIS GUY.