Pride (In the name of love).

Raymbo Pride!

I was walkin’ through tha woods one daaaaaaaaay.

Oh hey guys what’s up didn’t see ya there.

Look what I can do.

Come on girls lets go. Hi Shasha!

Stashing my purse.

It was fun to just be hanging out here waiting for the big beginning I love this lush street it is magical and it was a freakfest and we were superstaaaaaaaahs!


What a great backdrop.


Nice Spice girls pose Lauren!

April won for best accessories and makeup.

The anticipation adrenaline was out of control. I couldn’t stop dancing. Colleague had to tell me to chill a couple times hah. Conserve energy. For what? This is it! I have tons of energy I don’t need to save any.

This is the act we had to follow. I shoulda jumped in!


That was awesome. Did you feel like Ghostbusters Shasha?

Barb was great with these too.

Got jostled quite a bit. It was hilarious. I turned some wipe-outs in to dance poses/dance moves. Surfing was one I did a lot.

Then we would die laughing for a bit. I laughed and screamed and talked so much my face hurt by the end of the day/night. Pride Walk of Shame got a lot of laughs from my compadres as we were joining the leagues of the mob at Yonge.


Baby laughs a lot.

Kiebler raver elves. What’s the password man!

Ooh sexy times.

Cute girls.

I saw this go down. Such a positive and happy day. Everyone was bubbly and free spirited fancy free. :)

How can this not make you smile?

I am sure colleague enjoyed himself this day.

Awesome okay you win. Haha me in the BG.

Bye have a nice adventure.


They were capturing my butt which is ridonkulous. Butt Pride 2012.

Had to remember those were not actually stripper poles but makeshift ones. They held true though and only a couple umbrellas went inside out from the wind at one point which was hilarious.

Those are NDP heavyweights; NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and Parkdale-HighPark rep Peggy Nash.

Can you tell those were my colleague’s notes like I could possibly know that ahaha.


More awesome.

We look like a miniature strip club haha.

And our pictures are all over the internets too. Felt like Jem and the Holograms.

We went bananas dancing and dancing and ahhh. Same five songs over and over again I’d call out PLACES EVERYBODY as a joke cos we had no defined place, it was dance everywhere and anywhere.


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