Here’s my afternoon backwards in Osnabruk, Germany. Just some highlights cos we’re on the way out again to see sis and our buddy.

Now not to be a dick here but, if a Canadian chef went to Germany to do their thing they would kill it on account of the zero competition. I’ll throw a “just saying” on that for good measure. I’m just talking about the salads, I dunno, it is all classic style generally for the most part.

Well there’s a painting.

Deer head in a tree FTW.


I watched the book thief last night, which is also set in an old charming German town.

These “Usies” were dimly backlit so by this point I was making face like that.

This is the town he came to buy his first ipad ever. It was cheaper in Germany.

This weirdo building sticks up all adorable like that godddd.

Their walking man is the best too.


Scarf from mom I have no idea how to wear at this point in time.

My hair day ruled though and you can see the platinum tips. Time to dye.

Gotta go round two begins.