Montreal minxschief

What are you looking at you’re the one walking through the streets singing out loud Memories of a Geisha style. Work it girl. She looked at me funny is all like, I dunno I was exhausted who cares haha.

She was definitely going somewhere awesome.

Here we go get ready for the gong show.

That’s the tambourine someone in our party not gonna name names but it wasn’t me tiefed from the karaoke bar that sister hid under the bed in the morning so he wouldn’t make us kill him from playing it on purpose to torment us out of guilt from the night before probs haha but we forgot it under that very bed and there it is probably still. Damn wanted to keep that trophy. I just remember him coming at me in his underwear just on the tip toe beginnings of smashing it around like hell but I heard the cymbals jingle and shot up in bed, laughing then trying to tackle him.

Old MTL is similar to Quebec City so it’s hard to tell sometimes if this was there or there but our first night touch down I marched us right at that district, we loved it so much.

I was hung in bed, sister took these next ones and or bf. Mommy needed alone time.

I was starving fantasizing about the eggs they said they would bring me but they didn’t in the end so it was an unfair soldier out disadvantage for your hero.

You look tired too N.

But I love these. This is why you’re awesome. Sun is the antidote.

Faking it hard, did I do good.

I was poisoned-level unable to drink this hair of the dog but then a bee flew inside of it anyway and after some french canadian que le fucks? they brought me a new one and we shared it.

It was on tourist trap row so the food isn’t as chi chi as whatever, it did le trick.

Sis has a graf bonheur.

The double decker tour buses were done for the day (THANK GOD) so we took a horse drawn carriage for an hour, it was much nicer.

I copied sis without even knowing it.

I miss Holland/Germany. #SOON.

Stop the world I want to get off much?

Purty. My bud was like so what did you learn when I was defending the horse ride and said we learned lots of shit, oh yeah what did you learn? I have no idea. Gahahah it was a night of pure jokes and Spaghettio got us drunk. Whee.

Making these smaller cos it’s taking forever to load. Sorry. Something about 640 size.

Okay now it works bigger. Urgh. I shouldn’t be pushing my chances with this computer at all though so I will chill. Our tour guide was awesome and everyone we meet ever everywhere (how much does that word flow rule?) has a Rotterdam or Amsterdam story, it’s cool. They all seemed to have escaped there at some point.

Adorbs french whimsy details everywhere.


Pictures like this are the shit. It makes me think of when I lived in New York, BK.

I had a right good week bender here last year too. Crazy how time flies and how different you were then or what was going on.

Happier now.

I’m listening to the cheesiest best salsa music right now, have to in these gloomy climates.

No one wanted pictures that night, f I looked like shit. I wanted to go and freshen up before dinner but no one would let me.

Exciting and delicious.

Then we gave’r some more.

Peace mang ang thanx for the times.

Plus these whaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Old melted blue has lived in my purse for forever I think I chucked him not soon after this if not immediately. This is all I could take for now, happy Saturday pals xo the big RL.

Here’s the day if not moment we fell in love in Aruba. Man wait til I tell you about those two weeks in like ten years or so haha.