Fight club

Great night, great event, great party, great times, great, great, GREAT! Thank you to Drivers Defence Team, see you in court lol jk. Frank is a bit of a machiavellian, it works. We have the same demo, bros who drive fast and get busted. If you need a hand fighting traffic tickets, talk to Frank #noshame. Guy jumps out of planes every weekend, there is something amazingly trustworthy about that dedication to recklessness like, you got this! wejustin ftw! follow them on twitter too and good things will happen to you ;) @wejustwin.

Now on with the showgram.

Invited mom as a ringer expert photographer now everyone is in love with her, her work – her fight photographs are already in newspapers, whaaat? We are taking over the kickboxing scene/market now.

Whenever I do my 5 minute spiel about “what I do” to people I meet, I usually say, you want me to sell a box? I sell a box. You want me to be a ring girl? I be a ring girl. FKKN RIGHTS BRO.

Lou is the man.

Where’s Raymbo?

Guy on the left asked my friend to leave my ring side seat, he left. I told him to come back again for a short visit, guy asks him to leave again, more sternly. I squeezed his wrist REALLY HARD and said, he is my guest. WOAH ballsy Raymi lolololl a million apologies. I think ring girl power was going to my head. I get it though cos there are more deserving VIPs all around us. He told me they were ring side seats (exclusive). Sometimes I just get squeezy if I don’t get my way to try and get it.

Mom got epic shots like I said. She always captures the moments.

Like Geoff with my bag at the end of the night haha. Probably arguing with his gf. He is halariois btw.

Holy shmoly Las Vegas and ouch the pain.

I love this pic.

The thing on his head is a kickboxing, thing. Sorry if I am being grossly disrespectful. Anyway, they bow to the crowd, all 4 sides of the ring wearing those it’s very traditional, cool, bad ass, historical. I like it. Some parts of the night felt like Mortal Kombat, my brother should have been there.


Sick shot.

I saw this one and was like I’m photographing fat I’m going to take my shirt off pretty soon.

This went 5 rounds, those guys were pretty pumped to see me hold their sign. it was like looking down at a table of guys drinking wine playing poker, a circle of construction workers (literally probably) all waving and smiling at you. Has this ever happened to you before in your life? I have done a lot of fun and weird, bizarre, Raymazing things and this is a new one. It’s nerve wracking too because you feel like you’re supposed to be a robot with a plastered on smile – go deep-con game show.

Talking to these guys with their jogging pants and robes on afterward, street clothes, they’re totally sweet softies. I was mildly mindblown.

Legit crowd.

VIP tables.

I’m invited to a game next week as a guest. I’d say a Sharon Stone look from Casino would be a sweet get-up. Then I can find an Italian husband. Sounds like trouble, all of it. Considering how the night ended after the fights were over LOL.

Nothing kicks your fitness into high gear like seeing yourself in many photos in booty shorts. My body feels sculpted and tight this week. I had a great run yesterday and I pigged out (oops) but I am still svelte today thank hell.

The women were fighting for a world title. That’s crazy. Craymazing.

I actually ended up holding the Baton Rouge sign because a girl didn’t show up so they had to share us which is fine because now I can follow up on that and get a lobster steak dinner out of it. The owner was sitting at a long head table that was like basically the last supper and when I came marching by the first couple fights they all waved and winked at me. Maybe if I go for dinner and show a picture of myself on my phone to my server holding their sign….lol jk. Saving it for a rainy Raymi day.

Well, hello.

This was funny. I was like, who is this totally gorgeous woman this could be YOU. She was like, hey, but it’s YOU! Cute.

Watching kids fight is intriguing. You kind of can’t believe your eyes I guess. I picture Mommy bloggers dropping like flies. #fainting.

It’s a pretty good job I’m not gonna lie.

One of those world’s most awkward hug pics? I think we were going to pretend to play fight I have no idea it was the end of the night. I look like a conductor without pants. At the strip club afterward I was pretending to be sexy to make my mom laugh and a waitress thought I was a drunk server there (on account of my outfit of course) and aside from all the strippers that strip club didn’t even feel like a strip club.

We had a great time bing silly together ring side lemme tell ya.

Gen admish seats.


My mom caught it all. Best +1 ever.

Flirting with Baton Rouge, looky looky.

In the mood for some leg wrassling?

Alright. Those are the shots I chose of my mom’s 300 or so. If I have forgotten anything important I will add it later. If I have offended anyone, good.