A drunkard takes it all in like a friend

i really love (being blasted in) the harbord room’s facilities.

i turned the vase around specially for me/you.

i am NOT doing the bullshit sign, my fingers naturally fall that way. there’s a picture of my nana waving from a car in the 80s and it looks like she’s doing the bullshit sign, isn’t, as well as another photo of her a bit tipsy at my uncle’s wedding, same “rock on” alignment, unintentional. as if you were even looking at my hand check that figure.

i couldn’t find the chalk and even if i could what would i say HI IM RAYMI READ MY BLOG RAYMITHEMINX.COM BALBLA LBLAAHA everyone else had scrawled poetic meaningfulisms i didn’t want to sully it. for once. GUYS AM I GROWING UP OR WHAT!

itchy foot, new pants, burnin’ through that swedish wal*mart’s gift card let me tell ya.

nice roots, bangs are growing out i toy with the idea of cutting them again then i look at pictures of lohan and stop myself from entertaining such thoughts.

on to classier digs, and was reunited with the presence of one of many rude to me bartenders whom ignored me and i ignored her but chatted up fil to be passive aggressive. weak. brad what’s with your psychotic territorial tending buds, honestly? sass your ex was there.

i played the bubble hockey with sharpie and won and then a dude played with me and beat me then when we walked back to our respective parties one of the geezers at his said SO DID YOU PLAY FOR SEX? something like that. nice subtlety there guy and nice muscle t-shirt by the way.

do you want to read something profound that i mull over every time i look up at a bar ceiling? no? me either. haven’t fleshed it out yet oh yeah i had an anxiety attack this morning so that’s what you’re dealing with.

let me preface this with N-O J-U-D-J-I-N-G! i returned something, got a gift card, so these babes only set me back 68 86 cents and the pumas i was very close to considering were v sam ronsonesque and i think i’m too old to be dressing like i dance to hip hop but now come to think of it that chick is 31 so what the hell?

i’m going for a thom yorke in the JUST music video look here, get it? now someone just has to bop me in the eye.

i think blue laces will sort ‘em out. i almost asked some guy if he thought they were ridiculous, his girl was looking at ugg-type boots and he looked so wiped out but was mesmerized by my retarded shoe stress pacing and how they totally did not go with the shit i was wearing at the time, and he was a square so i doubt he would “get” “it” so i didn’t bother. 68 86 cents later i was on my way.

have a good one fuck it’s half past 2 already jeez.

ps. THIS was on tv last nite, i promise you your barf will barf watching it.

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