my power is going to your head

Hey guys, now where were we because I have no clue. Never cut a blog post in half if you are a Raymi Lauren because when you get back into it you’ll just be lost. Lots has happened in the four days since I last blogged.

Back to last night and the gang of Scooby Doo. This girl SARAH came as my date. When she arrived and we were all taking turns introducing ourselves I was like OH HEY THAT’S MY DATE like a big proud lesbian Heidi Fleiss. Everyone made fun of (because they were impressed!) me for having a limo driver. Do you know how humiliating it was backing out of a tiny lane in Kensington market in that thing, white yuppie hipster families were eyerolling us and my mom was bobbing around all over the limo with her camera I was mortified because I get Toronto and was like this is the shit that someone films and it goes viral and I was worried the driver would back over a child or something. It was a very Yoko moment I was definitely having a small panic attack haha. Even saw Jesse on the street and called to him but could only reach just my hand out and waved like Beyonce. Fuck. I saw his confused face. He messaged me on FB and asked if I yelled to him from a limo in Kensington market and I said yes and he said it was so out of place ahahah.

They’re like how do you even have a limo driver?

Well, Brian, I went out looking for trouble one night in the fall and I found it in the form of a group of guys who all drive for this limo company that one owns and we gave’r together. I ran into them again Friday night after my dull date, I sat there alone catching up on my phone while the vultures encircled me…limo bros were there. I asked and they delivered. Hey I gotta do this thing on Sunday can you drive me? When opportunity knocks Raymbo answers.

Sorry for being a smug douchebag I really cannot help it at all right now!

Such a liar I obvs love it. It’s better to love myself than hate myself, which I do 80% of the time. I’m good I’m loyal I tried now I yolo and that’s that.

I was still beating myself up about Naked News but then the big boss came back from vacation and said that I looked great “hot shot” and they’re airing my thing on Friday when am I available next week. Which means I carry on! Wayward son! Back to sexercising.

I want a blog assistant. My mom has a crushload of pics en route at some point I am already so overwhelmed with my own crappy ones! On top of the extra attention I am getting lately, the distractions, I die and I have to pack and move. Will I be able to relax after I move is that how it works?

Haha had to.

Don’t worry I will always be in touch with my slob market. Hi Jared. Boylord had a hang yesterday afternoon. He showed up as I was in the middle of being supremely angry at some tool kid using this abuse style tactic of picking me up and it set me right the fuck off hahaha. Jared knocked on my door and I went WHAT!!!? Lol. Sorry.

This feels like a million years ago now and was just yesterday. A million bottles of wine stand in between these moments however so there ya go.

I finally tried on these tights and they were too tiny, my legs are too long I’m a Raymazon. Jared’s lil sis got them as well a shirt he forgot to take last time he was here and she loves them yay win.

Look at the flipping lake. Gonna miss this room hard. My nest on the water.

Deep fried pickles in crushed nachos and batter what! Date food. He used a fork and knife not for me sorry.

Starting to look like a hobo in all my clothes getting loose. None of my just washed clothes were dry enough yet so I had to wear these pants. COOL STORY.

My TBT. When I was a music industry groupie darling I looked like this. Some of those people from back then I know still and they honestly feel like family I am really lucky. Time stands still in the music industry because none of us want to age.

Last tbt for now. See how long I had my fryes for. Kudos to you if you know the story in how I got them.

Ok one more I am really sorry this post has no direction. Can you see how shy I am? I am a shy hard. Term I just invented.

I used to look gross tho! I had no idea about fitness.

But in Maine my hair looked like Dido. A red flamed pagoda.

My ex fiance took this photo you jerks. Yeah I just pee on display. True we were gassed at a party and this is what people did at the time!? No regrets at all!

The key to success and eating meals so boring it inspires suicide.

I saw this skinny moose and I was like I’m jealous of your figure I hate myself and I suck!!!!!!!! AT EVERYTHING! hahaha. Being secretly melodramatic and making jokes about it is a luxury I am adorning myself in. BF is already pleading kind of to get his way back in. BE STRONG RAYMBO.

My walk after audition was a relief though because the tension was finally over and I got to move into another category of hell known as DREAD. It’s normal to suffer a low after a high.

It’s all good now though! It never wasn’t I am just a hypochondriac about the following: everything.

I dig how that is lined up. The tippppp.


Forgot we had to wear a shirt on camera as the teaser part. This is what I wore. haha. Angie told me it doesn’t matter what you wear there because you do it naked and I took that extremely to heart. #neveragain

Just searching for all the fucks I give that’s all.

Okay lets move forward now. These guys were so good. They’re called The Dead South and you should love them. I almost wore MY hat like that last night can you imagine ahahha. Jared said no.

Jeez I haven’t blogged in awhile eh. I mean I have but I cut it short. Hate having this backlog and answering to no one.

Senorita, mosquito…who’s that giiiiiirl.

The future is now hi Kat #girlpower. Can you believe I interviewed her about cosplay for Playboy and now I am working with her? Full circle yass.

This is how freaked out I look on my way to an audition. IT’S TOTALLY COOL I AM FINE GUYS.

I felt more myself in these wedges.

Red moon.

And with filters. Caught up with the past now thank hell.