Dr. Dewbie

I was going for that britney spears jessica simpson photo (that i can’t find)(because it wasn’t her who posed with a swiffer duh) but someone wanted in on it. the same someone who smashed an entire bottle of Wyborowa. she’s cute so we didn’t mind. plus there was another bottle.

pre-drink club pose!

i started out in this shirt but then i didn’t feel slutty or special enough so i changed. wait’ll you see the skirt i borrowed off casie.

remind us never to eat at the ferret & firkin ever again. overpriced lame food. we never learn. the sliders weren’t bad really, just wickedly underwhelming. fil’s chicken sandwich blew.


then i followed your parents around for a while.

power walking matching outfits! i had to jog to keep pace with them.

so glad i threw that hat in my purse on the way out the door. cosmic.

NEW FAVOURITE SITE! thanks tempy.

also if you buy two bottles of wine from winerack YOU GET A STUPID FAKE CRYSTAL WINE BOTTLE FLOWER YAY! you’re welcome! it comes in different colours! your life is awesome now thanks to me. you’re welcome again! sorry for yelling! no i’m not! BYE!