Winning is everything

Tell me what you thought it’s important!!! I will hate you forever if there is no comment here. How long is forever for? YOU WILL SOON FIND OUT LURKERS. Don’t allow jealousilence to overtake you it’s a bad look. You can even say something bad I don’t care. (I do! lots.) You can also comment on it on facebook too, fine. Kay see ya! Thank you!

Ok here are the fun questions I want answers for: Beckham or Wolverine? James Dean or George Clooney? Beyonce or Gaga? Spikes or Chains? Paul or John? Kanye or Jay-Z? Sick of that Gotye song yet? Would you dye your hair white? Wonder Woman or Shera? (I asked this one, she said Shera, I was shocked lol) Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe? Michelle Obama or Jackie O? What’s your favourite part about being Aliyah Jasmine?

Check it out bromances! :)