Dissappearing in plain sight Heaven help me need to make it right

Oh look it’s me wasters on Bourbon street Nawlins doing Raymaoke like a prayer. Madonna is a break dancing old gal now, and how! Cheers Madge.

Watch how my earring whimsically flutters after I whip my head up from crankin’ it!

Posting standup material later I got interrupted by dancing. Both posting and doing and watching.

Shawarma plates on the way holla! I love this day. We have been up since half passed nine. Going to call Nacnud now. Bring bring (phone sound).

Food’s here! Blob times! Next that chicken I’m eating a hen! This garlic cream dream cloud in my mouth is making anything seem possible!

Ruv Roo :).


Gotta give props!

Miss Minx!
Thanking the gods that creeps exists, or I would never’a found your blob! You are my new capital-HIL-arious friend in my head! Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely too fat to chum with you girl, but I don’t hate! ;) I know my ass needs spanx! Keep up the hilarity and edgy perspectiveizing!

Much Love,

Lou Lou

aw you are so heart warming. very nice to hear from you. comment on le blob any time budday!

fuck fat, own your shit, youll get over it and itll disappear someday. i yo yo like janet jackson beyonce like cray myself ive been there.

xo your pal raymes