Here’s to likeability!

Dear @PlayboyEnergyCA, I didn’t know which one to pick and I was hurrying out the door so I took several. I forgot to add #PBENation on it though but I think you’ll all get the point. xo Raymi the Playmate aka Sir Hugs-a-Lot. TGIF!

Love you bros!



For us at ShaSha Co., Pride 2012 is the pinnacle celebration of diversity
and acceptance that we have participated annually in for 3 consecutive
years, with many more to come!

This year we invited bloggers to participate and share our experience. The
online feedback has been fantastic! In our gratitude to our dancer/bloggers
we are offering an exclusive coupon code to each blogger/tweeter to share
summer savings directly with their audience!

Visit our online store @ and review all our Organic and savoury offerings.

At checkout, enter code: “raymi15” and receive a 15% discount on your total
purchase. That code is re-useable until July 30.

Thank you Toronto! Thank you Bloggers, we’ll see you next year!


Now go to bread! But only once you watch our sped-up go-pro pride float coverage dance moves of course. I am up to all kinds of stupid on it (my specialty). Thanks again Shasha it was a fabulous time with memories that will last me until dementia. PEACE!

ShaSha #prideTO 2012 from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

BookFace and Tweezer?


Ahh social media, you harsh mistress. You are the new hipster, a term to keep dropping and rehashing and blogging and talking about to foster more discussion over a necessary evil that both confuses and excites lots of folk. Dork self important assholes mainly or entire start-ups comprised as the former (my competition) known as “firms” who will take a big name corporation and guide them in terms of cool branding, hyping, repping, publicity, trending, blabbity blah. Now, you can do that for tens and twenties of thousands of dollars or you can go to a little (HUGE) guy like me and pick my brain. I, have been successfully cool branding myself for years, long before myspace even how did people find me without facebook or twitter? I must be a wizard or something, I was a kind of VICE magazine barnacle, coursing to infamy on a messageboard lickity split the second my fingers touched the keys in the year 1999. I’ve been able to create and maintain a bevy of it-girlism, single-handedly (for eleven years this November) all by myself allow me to exploit my talents now, I’ve won over TEN FIRST PLACE blog awards, cough cough. I’m ripped off and replicated time and again, I started the selfy photo (you’re welcome) and blogvertorials (you’re welcome again) and my rank is climbing again in North America, right now I’m just over 20k on this continent. Sure, media outlet websites/blogs best me but as a person, a one man institution I cream all competition, and how did I do it, no, how DO I do it? Why would you blow all that money on fifty brains when you could save half of it and just take me to dinner one night get me blasted and I tell you everything. I think it’s a wise move to go with fifty brains by the way, I am not an idiot but I know that if everyone uses the same fifty brains for all the TRADE SECRETS then how will you know how I know what to say and do and react and create for your new product?

Colleague just sent me this video and I thought it would be a good excuse to whore us out for more campaign work (unlike politics, these campaigns have a high success rate LOL). If you want in on the dog ‘n pony show. Landed myself a sweet gig after holidays from having my face seen in the Globe & Mail (make the papers monthly what did I say?), the man’s breath was taken away! If you’re gonna have to be sat down like the funny old crony in that video up there then what better a face to learn all that shit from than mine? I’ll let you buy the first round of drinks afterward (plus my fee ;)). Over and out, Raymbo Bright.

His breath was also taken away. Trying to find Globe pic from this night.

Can’t, giving up.

See ya in the bawth, -Eloise.

Get f-cked facebook

1. If you think having a souped-up facebook page (are we back in myspace years?) as a viable enterprise, legitimate and credible business all things YOU source, you are out of your element.

2. Flipping out every time FB changes its look and being so emotionally invested is unhealthy (you are turning into a blogger except you don’t have keys to your own house).

3. Facebook is an afterthought for me, Twitter is the way. I always tweet-blast first (my posts) then I hit up Facebook cos there seems to be more of a lag there, it’s less immediate so it doesn’t matter when my post hits the feed, no one is paying any attention anyway except for my mom, maybe and your mom. Cool business strategy.

4. FB changes it up every other week, how insecure is that? How insecure are YOU for tweeting about it, ugh so boring. Then I go log in to see what’s going on and immediately get lost in all my messages and stuff not even noticing the “change” because I’m intuitive I just figure ok, Messages tab there, right, Profile, status, done, oh look a ticker feed ripping of twitter, great, predictable, yawn. Whereas you guys whine and whine and whine and tag. STOP SENDING ME CITYVILLE REQUESTS!

5. FB chat is abhorrent. If I don’t chat you up it’s cos I am busy, but then some guy in the sticks gets me all guilted about BUSY BUSY BUSY-ing him off, then I get distracted doing other useless garbage. I go on FB to do a specific task, message a specific person but end up not doing that til 5 logins later cos I was so distracted by eight things at once, something in the timeline feed (dad you have to get a facebook I’m making you one tonight, no more excuses) four chat boxes and aghhh you can tell which ones of your friends are wholly addicted to crackbook.

6. It will never become blogging, It is finite. Anything people must have their own accounts to participate by, not blogging. Blogging is free of that, you can access our blogs BECAUSE THEY’RE BLOGS not Facebook blogs.

7. This is the dumbest most boring topic to post about but for some reason will fly around the fastest because it’s friggin’ FB, which isn’t that the number one website behind google? I dunno these things, my SEO is horrible as I’ve always only figured content was key but apparently I need to insert all these sneaky words to oust the competition and blabbity blah you just have to know it all these days and do it all. Facebook is limiting is the point.

8. TGIF.