Reel love

So the thing with Durex is they are the more intellectual condom brand answer to Trojan, which apish frat boys apparently use and so they got a lot of brainier folk (including your hero, me) to discuss doing it on a higher plane of tantra or something level (foreplay, blowjobs, etc) made a documentary out of it and voila, enjoy. If you haven’t been able to view (from Australia) or wherever yet. Ps. I just saw on twitter that 1 in 120 Torontonians are hiv-posi. EW. Use those domes guys and gals! Ps. I refused to perform fellatio on the banana so I air guitar fellatio’d instead. YAY!

Also my new Decorium high-end furniture friends are hosting a $2000 contest right now! I want to win seeing as I have been bailing on events and favouring the interior Minx cave of late but also it’s Christmas time and a smug living room set would be key. If you can’t change your husband, you can change your living room! Can I come over? Actually if I won I’d give it to my dad.

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Ps. I asked Adil for my embed codes from MY City Lives videos last week or so because I love my hair in them. Ahh memories.

This time last year I was loads fatter, I know I look chunky here but I’m not. Promise.