Aruba by storm

Heyya hiya ho there. I’ve been going through my tons of picture folders on my computer here and was all, time to get on that To-Do list. I am choosing blogging over drinking absinthe right now so, you’re welcome. Raincheck the sazerac-tasting please mes amis, I had a draft deadline, some other unavoidable business to attend to likewise 2pm for boozing that hard might mess up the rest of the day, and gladly at that that’s why I request a raincheck pretty please. And lets not talk about drinking problems btw, lets talk about drinking solutions. TGIF.

Back to my travel stories. We took that tiny island called Aruba by Storm, didn’t we? Wonder how soon we go back? There are stray dogs everywhere, it is pretty neat and pretty heartbreaking. They are smart, travel in packs, if not alone, combing the patios and sidewalks. They follow you. Clearly I am tanked seen here petting one.

Like, why are you just standing there bro? Want to come with to the Casino? Some random drunky tourist said they’re smart because they use sidewalks, for survival. Not gettin’ hit by cars and whatnot. Oh-kay there.

Lets start at the crazy beginning shall we then.

Remember this. Wow. Lifetime ago but not really.

White t-shirt sleepover party night.

Funny and bad hair idea jeans. I just didn’t know how fragile platinum hair was. It was fun at times to be platinum but at that time in my life it wasn’t always fun times. I did what I could.

I dyed my hair and went to Aruba long story short.

Time to move on. And just because you expose your life a lot, just by having a life and living it period, it gets exposure.

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