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Aruba by storm

Heyya hiya ho there. I’ve been going through my tons of picture folders on my computer here and was all, time to get on that To-Do list. I am choosing blogging over drinking absinthe right now so, you’re welcome. Raincheck the sazerac-tasting please mes amis, I had a draft deadline, some other unavoidable business to attend to likewise 2pm for boozing that hard might mess up the rest of the day, and gladly at that that’s why I request a raincheck pretty please. And lets not talk about drinking problems btw, lets talk about drinking solutions. TGIF.

Back to my travel stories. We took that tiny island called Aruba by Storm, didn’t we? Wonder how soon we go back? There are stray dogs everywhere, it is pretty neat and pretty heartbreaking. They are smart, travel in packs, if not alone, combing the patios and sidewalks. They follow you. Clearly I am tanked seen here petting one.

Like, why are you just standing there bro? Want to come with to the Casino? Some random drunky tourist said they’re smart because they use sidewalks, for survival. Not gettin’ hit by cars and whatnot. Oh-kay there.

Lets start at the crazy beginning shall we then.

Remember this. Wow. Lifetime ago but not really.

White t-shirt sleepover party night.

Funny and bad hair idea jeans. I just didn’t know how fragile platinum hair was. It was fun at times to be platinum but at that time in my life it wasn’t always fun times. I did what I could.

I dyed my hair and went to Aruba long story short.

Time to move on. And just because you expose your life a lot, just by having a life and living it period, it gets exposure.

My brother says I will never be happy in relationships because of my blog. I think my brother is a wizard sometimes. I just know who I am and I am proud of who I am, what I am, have become, will go, am going. You know? Because I tried. Very hard. Very very hard. VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY Hard. Lol.

It was a beautifully reflectful period of time in my life. More so now looking back upon it. My whirlwind summer. I have been in a state of stress and fear about it for the duration of, namely the tv stuff.

I don’t act like I expect people to understand me, or that I will change, or need to. I just know that the more I try to be me the more people try to change me. Or that they can’t take it. When I am just a chick talking nonsense on a blog about life experiences, really. Sometimes profound but at the very least, entertaining.

So, we move forward.

Became so tanned my makeup no more matched my body which is awesome because the only time you put on makeup for is going out at night and that’s when you use flash thus highlighting the pancake clown finish. I have met some makeup artist’s this summer so I think I’ll get better at painting the canvas what is ma notorious mug.

LoLo and I went out gambling some nights. Free drinks at gambling. We gambled at a hotel casino we thought was another one evening and had a lovely time. I was her good luck charm. She’s a night owl with a zest for life and we all know who I am.

Bit of a gross-out that people can smoke indoors but no place is perfect. Makes you appreciate non-smoking North American laws.

I uploaded a mini-batch of favs from this night and can’t for the life of me track them down in my flickr. Luckily I get snap happy and have extras. But if I thought those lost ones were the good ones and now with time, consider these pieces of garbage to be a-ok blogwise I must be chilling out or something.

We were in the tall hotel district so you can just walk through grounds and gardens to cut through the territory, it’s safe I’d say. Always have a girl with you though at night obviously or just be street smart. Sometimes walk like a ninja and be alert, take out those ipod ear buds. Here is a little headtrick I play to remember not to ever do anything too stupid on my bike or even just walking listening to tunes too loud or getting too immersed in the riffs. With every song I blast my head off to I think about the paramedic conversation that will go down when they find my smushed/mutilated/etc body and one will remark on the irony of the last song playing on my ipod at the time of death was something like Knockin’ on Heaven’s door (LOL!) or you know, anything prophetically-accidental death lyrical in nature. Am I right? I think I am.

And you take a traveler with ya on home or to the next casino.

Posin’ with shit along the way.

Remember they speak Dutch. OKAY THEN! Do or don’t do what this thing says.

I say don’t feel sad for them. They are there existing and surviving because of the tourists, so don’t feel bad. It’s the ones in the outback though, insert Bob Barker message here.

Lemme in on that.

In the shantier areas one could see that life might be hard out there, groundhog sunny days forever.

But there are impoverished neighbourhoods in every climate, everywhere, why does it seem harsher in the sun? When in actuality it is harder in the winter.

Well, this looks pretty harsh to me.

It’s true.

I didn’t feel like going out one night

I don’t know how to caption this haha.

I’m going to do my triceps once I’m done this post. Sneak in a run too.

I know I facebooked this one. Classic over the back of your shoulder shot. You’re welcome. Use wisely ladies, and often.

I was a minimalist out there, turned the data reception off on my phone so, no phone and no phone means no watch/time piece so I’d roll to the edge of my lounge chair to see if it was happy hour yet. Fifteen minutes to looks like :).

You’re not allowed to take pictures in casinos in Canada. In Aruba, do what you want. I like that. They do not care about the internet there. Alrighty then have a lovely weekend. Maybe bump in to you during Nuit Blanche. Get at me.

5 thoughts on “Aruba by storm

  1. I’ve been wondering about that. I remember the post where you dyed your hair before Aruba, but in all the Aruba pics it looks a different color. I was wondering if I had my timeline messed up.
    Next time you have an all girls white t-shirt only sleepover, I recommend water squirt bottles for everyone. I personally think that would make the photos much much much more “interesting”.

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