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Harley Davidson Precious Metal Gala

lookin’ good allison. coincidentally the girl behind you i awkwardly sat with for a bit, she came alone as well (gill took FOREVER to get her as down thanks) her bf bought her ticket cos he rides. funny thing 1 i totally clued out that it was a ladies nite only event and 2 there could/would be biker enthusiasts there i dunno what i was thinking, i wasn’t, clearly. so basically i had zero relevant conversation prepared and thank god fil has a bike, albeit a triumph not a harley and i haven’t been on it in ages.

very decked out.

doin’ my room sweep.

loads of food. traci wisely pointed out it’s a women’s event, of course there’s going to be a ton of food. even so, i asked allison if i needed to eat beforehand cos you never know with these things. i had a boiled egg is the answer to your question.

three vats of! pad thai, stir fried rice, and something else i forget.

make your own jewelry station.

hair/make-up station.

sex station ha i mean torture station.

learn to lift a harley station. i was too pussy to try it and by the time i wanted to the horny mob of women with shirtless models had taken over the stage.

i said to one woman so it’s like tipping a cow? yeah i know, i’m awesome.

gibson represent. obvious pink theme a-foot here (breast cancer charity). bumped into tina and she said to amanda get out of the line of fire raymi’s here (with camera) ha ha.

SHOW US YOUR TITS! (kidding)(sort of).

seconds before she swung the pole. kidding again jeez.

then things got weird. reverse exploitation! also the photographer dudes (who let them in couldn’t find chicks?) were super pushy and blocked everyone’s view (not that i was looking, i mean, this was purely a work assignment ok)(pfft).

oh whatever, fil’s taken photos of playboy models and for what, they weren’t holding guitars.

guy not wearing cowboy hat must have taken some deeply intense eye contact lesson or something because he held that gaze all nite long but never actually made any direct eye contact (with me at least) sort of like look present but transport your mind out of body for the next few hours for self-preservation or something.

i have a video of the women swooping in, pretty funny.

finally one chick gets the courage to pose and then EVERYONE follows suit. took the chest spray painter all damn nite to finish the harley logo.

what was that again oh yeah, self-preservation break, right.

went through my drink tickets needing to lubricate some more to deal, gill still hasn’t shown.

slightly less cheesy than the print out version?

god can you imagine if i dropped that thing. i’d just leave. humiliating.

photo station.

traci and her sprouse bag (thanks for the in jamie she’s a super fan).

made it inside in time to catch this amazing performance as previously blogged.

adorable mini shake that’s actually mousse. eating that thing was no small feat, first i went at it beej styles and hoovered what i could then was forced to just dig it all out with my finger.

horny mob.

nice root fade ugh ha. fil digs it and that’s all that matters yeah? at this station you were to pick two different jackets and if the tags matched up harley and davidson each, you won a $50 gift certificate. i lost. so did gill. tina won.

my first choice i got harley, thinkin’ i have it in the bag. not the case. their trick was having more harleys than davidsons.

first nite out in my new kicks. loving them.

gill and her tiny little friend.

door prize/raffle time – i didn’t win.

then this guy was brought out!

the expression on that woman’s face pretty much sums it up exactly. i had like ten mini rice crispies omg so good. i was looking for bananas, they didn’t have ‘em.

i took her picture because she said i looked like sofia coppola and that i must get that a lot. actually, first time. anyway, an actual babe complimented me, awwright. in hindsight i wonder if it was a come on so i would get a massage from her station? i have no clue when it comes to being hit on i am pretty stupid in that dept. to be honest and you can imagine how many times it happened this nite (biker event, ladies only, think about it) and how full of shit i must have come across. i still stumble over saying my fiancé when referring to fil in lieu of boyfriend so by then woman chatting me up is like oh please ya big dyke nice try meanwhile my mullet-like bangs and leather jacket at motorcycle event is doin’ all the talking.

finally the logos are complete.

jill barber’s second performance. her dress is to-die-for, voice too.

ok bai happy friday time for a free tan on the balcony i didn’t realize it was so hot!

11 thoughts on “Harley Davidson Precious Metal Gala

  1. i have no plan in mind for dye, just growing my hair til the cows come home basically. kinda turning into a hippie.

  2. 1st – those models have bigger tits than I do.

    2nd – Jill’s voice is the best! Strange that she’d be singing at the Harley gala – doesn’t seem to be her typical crowd…. I’m SO jealous! ha ha!

  3. what’s with the douchey shirtless guys at a harley davidson event? totally tacki-fies the whole brand, women’s event or not. boo.

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  5. Actually, it seemed like the guys made the party, all the women went crazy when they showed up. Finally, Harley does something for us and it was such a blast!!

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