this game stresses me out beyond belief.

I was at an event this week where noteworthy writers/bloggers/(for lack of a better word)”scenesters” were mocking you… I honestly thought it was so sad.

thanks for the info, not at all surprised either ha scenesters always good for a larf, not at all predictable. say it to my face ya fucking queens. there is an irony to supposed scenesters even being at a blogging event but i guess that’s what makes them scenesters instead of working artists. email me some names so i know who to X out of my life xo.

aw lia <3.

awkward lipstick tip video

for some reason i am whispering so you have to blast this. my delivery is pretty bad, i over thought that you may recognize me line way too much obviously. this is proof i should always drink before getting on camera. this was my second try at it too, the other day i made one in the bathroom and the sound of my voice was so loud in there it made the audio fart a ton.

lipstick trick tip from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

basically do that ten times like a crazy person apply it like you are a 4 year old sneaking your mom’s vanity dresser. bye.


psst. The Dunes CD release party is at the el mo tomorrow nite and they’re playing with Ambisonic & Big Ideas, starts at 9 so be there ya square!

moonpies and penny whistles

omg i love this video more than i love myself.

i love wilbur. he is the greatest dog. so sincere and obedient and playful.

and i like that he has to watch the road from the backseat over our shoulders.

he’s so petite too. man, monday was the worst weather ever, so miserable. i went to lise’s to finally watch grey gardens, we got about 1/4 through it before we turned it to drew barrymore’s version of getting through barely any of that one (i’ve seen a ton of clips on youtube so i know the story). too gloomy a day for that story. amazingly casted though, jessica lange was a dead ringer for big edith (when they age her). ooh nice. we also held some kittens at a vet and they broke our hearts i can’t stop thinking about their little mewling faces.

last ever photo of owl on the right. i moved the tv stand and it fell and smashed into a million pieces. sorry! i said imagine it smashed into my head and you would have to pick glass out of my hair and scalp? it was that close.


that’s an André Ethier. chick is connected.


see how my tan brings out the white of that couch and not the other way around.

wilbur was not at all scared.

when he gingerly rests his head here it means he is asking permission to sit beside you and then you say ok come up wilbur and he turns into a little ball omg i am so on my period right now bye.

oh one more thing, mara’s phone has been pocket dialing me, so far three times wtf. this morning it called me at 7.30am awesome. she emailed me this:

You must love that my phone likes to randomly call you.

You must love it more that it likes to call you at 7:30am.

….i cannot figure out why it’s chosen to do that….i could hear it call someone this morning and I was all

Dontberaymidontberaymi…ugh. i must have just not locked the keypad. Sorry again.

haha it’s hard to be mad about it. my response:

hahahah yes 730 was a nice time to run out to the living room in an underwear panic who is dead who is dying whats wrong oh its mara back to sleep. i was having a long annoying nitemare anyway.

skid dipanie

hangovers can be very inspirational. yesterday’s light bulb was all about steph‘s signature chili dip. i was so confident in my first timer’s quest i bought double each supply (in the case of chili i bought three cans you can never have too much of that hangin’ around)(what am i a suburban housewife?)

i went to honest ed’s to get the aluminum things, they didn’t have deep enough round ones so i went with square. i bought one tub of philly cheese there (i know it’s a gamble but whatever) then when i went to dominion metro i learned there was no bargain at all in fact, philly was on sale at dominion metro. so i bought another tub for back-up of the even lesser fat kind. steph is strongly against the light cream cheese like, strongly. we had a hangover gchat squabble about it yesterday in-between talking about how much we wanted to die and then matt said he puked three times and ordered the philly cheese steak pizza cos i blogged about it the other day. seriously world of products/companies you need to endorse me all fucking ready, i am magic. i say the word bench and people go buy lumber. think about it.

last nite we only made one serving and it was enough for the two of us. we went with the dynamite hot and it wasn’t at all spicy.

topped it off with heaps of old white cheddar.

in the oven halfway there. 350 for 20 minutes. at the end broil the top after you pour out some of the cheese fat (to crisp it a bit) which will break your heart because it is delicious fat. i may or may not have poured some into my mouth.

i surprised fil with beta house (it was filmed in our hood a couple years ago)(one time we walked all the way home from sharpie/samir’s at like 4 in the morning and they were filming an outdoor party scene and we were completely annihilated to say the least so we just stood and swayed and gawked walked around the block once and watched some more. they cut that scene down to nothing too ha) and it is crap. terrible. lots of boobs though.

then we watched the rocker. a lot funnier.

i would like to get my hands on another can of that bean less chili for next time.

on my way to get supplies in my own little world lia appears so we chatted for a few she is adorable. look how together she is and all for yoga in my head the whole time i’m like i am such a slob i’m on my way to buy chili and this chick is waiting for healthy take-out after yoga. anyway she blogs now!

miss j has the same bag. ooh girl!

gill’z bday at watusi

86 photos made the flickr cut, now i have to wittle that down some more so this blog doesn’t make your computer crash (did anyone notice there are less posts on the main page now, is that helping?)

allison came over to watch ANTM and barely finish a teeny glass of red wine.

then wario came over to watch girl stories with us. (that tallboy is actually a super duper tallboy)

i made the family some soup. everyone is laughing here because i tripped into two separate things on my way to pose in this picture. fuckin’ wicked.

dekel dj’d last nite. he had like barely half the songs i requested, refused to play the ones that i did, and i couldn’t remember any of the good ones from the era that he said could be played. i need to walk around with a song list in my pocket. he played be my baby by the ronnettes (my request) when i was in the bathroom and it jogged my oldies memory and by the time i made it up the stairs my fruit fly attention span forgot whatever it remembered when i was whizzing.

birthday girl!

i was trying to figure out why i was so hung and then this picture came up. brilliant. i was thinking man could it have been that one sip of jager/soda nah couldn’t be. oh right it was that ten dollar vodka martini that wasn’t even half full. (ps. did you know watusi is run by the shanghai cowgirl people and also did you know that they run the bovine too? i did not know that).

i don’t know what i was going for here but i think it worked. that prepster shirt came from alicia and why does RL have their tumble dry tag on the outside? fil says it’s cos they’re meant to be tucked in.

yesterday’s pose theme was being a big lesbian i guess. my hair is stuck to my shirt like that because i was raised in a nest. (i did a treatment and it made my hair dry/greasy. you lose 70-80 hairs a day, the longer your hair is the more it shows and when your hair is really fine to begin with as mine is and you want long long long hair, you are basically, screwed).


please can i fake dj too!?

oh god that looks super good right now.

quick, look like a dj.

tracey took a thousand pictures of me can’t wait to not see them.

funny, i didn’t feel that blasted. fil said i sure tied one on i said hey i can drink and have a good time or drink and have a bad time, what do you prefer? i seem way more cut when i show that i am enjoying myself, basically. standing on the ceiling helps too.

the pregnancy rumors start here (that’s water).

somehow my hair landed like that on my face. jeals much.

tracey at it again. i’m sure that was a good one.

more dj poses yes because a keyboard’s a deck, dickal!

when gill smiles at you it’s like the heavens parting and you’re like, ahh, she’s given’er tonite.

tracey laughing in the bg i’m starting to worry now.

i forget why gill insisted i capture this dance by lauren and stuart, first time dancing ever or she actually convinced him to dance? yeah if he’s anything like fil i would want a bunch of pictures too.


ridiculous. who are you guys, me?

the amount of allison photos might be matched or even beat the amount of ME photos can you believe it?

maybe if they didn’t run out of the wonton nachos i wouldn’t feel so garbage today.

what is this a highschool dance?

that was an intense blinking contest eh.

jonathan said the owner or someone made that wallpaper himself, pieced it all together then had it printed.

i want a boob job.

did you get it?

then i gave tracey my camera.

oh hi what are we here for again?

i’m running out of captions.

i figured this angle was workin’ for me last nite so i kept it strong. oh yeah allison was complaining about her face and i said well my profile looks like a face head-on so get over it or something. it was funny when i said it right?

gahah can you direct me and everyone i know to the blabbermouth card section please?

oh new picture idea everybody look at how much fun i am.

a heartfelt parting. brad your hair is getting long.

give me a chance jeez!

oh right i met a facebook bigwig guy last nite and we got to talking about this and that and before you know it i forgot the facebook relation and why he was even talking to me and chris to begin with and i started dissing facebook. guess how awesome i am. answer: tons of. ps. chris i was pretend being incensed over your dodgeball team stacking your players during the final game against my team. charity-shmarity, if you’re not a winner you’re a loser. the end.

i guess when i finally get pregnant one day it won’t be so bad.

or it will.

these are tracey’s by the way. she wouldn’t stop taking my picture as you know, so i decided to look as disgusting as possible.

it wasnt hard.

what a wiener.


last thing i saw/took pics of last nite before we loaded (were also quite loaded) into donovan’s car had i not taken these, then i’d have absolutely no recollection of it. i forget which artist, probably one of the stones, keith maybe, anyway, he would often jam away and pass out high as hell and if not for the recording he’d wake up to, so many tunes would not exist. i’m talking major hits. he’d make shit up all nite long with the tape running, get blasted and fall asleep and in the morning be like oh that’s a good one. i’m probably referring to the wrong person. anyway you get the point.

but this is nothing like that, no of course not.

aqua marine barbie? this isn’t one of those literal we are all the same, yellow purple green coloured skin things is it?

i like the one with her arms out, she’s way confident. kind of like me in this picture…


you’re the singer i’m the song

it’s official i have no idea how to pose anymore. not that i ever really did. some days you got it while others you look like a total fucking dupe. also, this dress doesn’t photograph well at all or i don’t know how to pose in it or it is actually not a flattering dress, i like it all the same though. good for beach. the material is very soft and cuddly, pockets too! oh man i guess menses is in the house how fruity can i get here?

sir crab a lot.


oh nohan!

April Archives 2008 pt. 2

yesterday was an interesting hair day. mark holmes looked at me long and hard cos he thought i was feist. we have the same tights (i got them first) hi feist!

it’s been too long, mini market.

ask aunt raymi

what’s with geezers and their gross beers? blech.

mgmt at modclub video.

oh give me summer


while i stare at my cindy crawford zit in the jazz mirror.

STILL kills me.

aeryetjrjytjtgwehui;weog;oew etc.

these dresses are now cut into shirts i never wear.

american gothic

gill’s bday last year. coincidentally her celebrations is tonite, real bday was yesterday <3. an old chat with ryan ray (pre-skidfanie!)

if you laugh, you’re going to hell.

small town adventure party!

tyra bank it! (didn’t catch on unfortunately).

french nite drive

i’ll spare your eyes a picture of the egg whites addition, just picture barf and you’re gold.

i me me not you me

fil’s sense of humour is on its period right now

another dress what bit the dust.

chatting up a genius

dude down the hall who habitually whistles his fucking head off…

extremely vital update

girl pr0n post!

who wants that sweater?

man last nite i thought i was still 24 and then sighed really loudly and fil goes whats wrong and from the couch i went I MOMENTARILY THOUGHT I WAS STILL 24 SOB he goes yeah well sometimes i think im 32 or 30 then i was forced to compliment him and tell him he looked young meanwhile I was the depressed one

it’s kind of a lonely life

totally not for sale anymore.

shades sauce (ex: lester took some change off my dresser, lester that was way shades sauce man!)

STILL available for sale!

told ya so.

wtf happened to that thing?

thanks for the concern.

oh why not


then i fell asleep with a drink in my hand and it spilled ALL OVER ME my hair underwear body bed pillow everywhere so i had to get my big towel and sleep on that.

RIP sid sars

fil went to be a lesbian at noahs

dead man’s float anybody?


everything i do i do it for you

i finally wrote a rebuttal in defense of my COOL PEOPLE DON’T DANCE AT CONCERTS bathroom stall remark.

oh that’s what happened to it. i’m pretty sure i put it in the charity bag.


may 2007 archives

remember when

wow that’s it bye!