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Now here’s how it went down Tracey the Minx styles

For the American Little Raymis (and elsewhere, places like the moon or Germany) here is ma moms bein’ Creeped. I’ve still only been able to take this in in teeny partial doses with a hand over one of my eyes, it’s hard to watch yourself sometimes, I’m my own harshest critic and trust me I’ve no shortage of them when I decide to stop.


And to refresh you, here is my episode of creeps, profile two RAYMI THE MINX and the Final Decision clip where I win.

21 thoughts on “Now here’s how it went down Tracey the Minx styles

  1. its too big a file to email it so you have to get it from that link i emailed dont ask again i told you how now just use my youtube for now goddammit

  2. mom you are relentless. yes i am sure hailey would love to make you a photography website, is just dying to. stop this shit ive had enough today.

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