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Sorry for being a waste of space today guys I have to stop partying on Thursdays. There’s two Fridays in this city, one just happens to be called Thursday but anyway don’t you think there would be more suicides if weeks were months long? (TGIF!)(Or TGISF thank goodness it’s second Friday) Like the weekend only came at the END of the month? You think about that while I build you a nice post to read before you leave your little offices and start your weekend warrior lives. Kay thanks bye!

MY BRAIN HURTS AND MY EYES ARE STINGING cut me some slack give me a break cut it out and so on haaha.

I should have just gone in to the office like I said and approved the (blog) designs cos god knows I sure as shit didn’t get anything important accomplished today. I am kind of milking mtv but the flush of extra traffic should have been put to better use like pictures of my cats’s tupperware party and more advertisements! Get a free Jamba while you still can is what I mean.

I’ve changed the screen grab to one of myself instead of LaurenOcide but it hasn’t taken so maybe lots of people are watching it cos they think I’m her (prettier) and on youtube they watch it cos of a burlesque screen grab. Everyone wins!

2 thoughts on “please post here now

  1. it was nerve-racking. i didnt blow up as much as i’d have liked cos i knew it would come out bad. wipe brow, and now we wait for next episode. my mom is shitting.

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