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Shit Bloggers Say

WATCH TIL THE VERY END THERE IS A SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR YOU! But I forgot to say Right meow! My own meme I started! barf meow.

For the rest of the Planet outside of Planet CANADA here is the final decision clip of my MTV Creeps episode. You are welcome! We duel over the pronunciation of my name for the ten billionth time in history.

Gotta say I’m a fan, I saw your blog tonight while looking up cotton candy pink hair, I thought a lot of your comments were hilarious and you seemed to talk about haters a lot but I don’t understand how you could have any! you seem super fun and I am now a fan :)


YAY Everything you said is perfect. i stoke the flames sometimes then play innocent but still i get them in droves, people just get furious over the creation of my life maybe and i own my shit and ah whatever. comment ON my blog I love that and write any time kay bye.


Hi new Little Raymi friends I am also on Twitter @raymitheminx

Yes it is still Christmas here. I’m not the man it is not my job to dismantle that. Old fashion sexism mmhmmm honey you betcha.

20 thoughts on “Shit Bloggers Say

  1. Maybe if his dinner is in the oven and his physical needs have been tended to and you’ve placed a drink in his hand he will dismantle the tree #oldfashionsexism

  2. I wonder what the dog would look like with the specs on- oh! There you go.

    I forgot about those two tone shades in your last post. I forgot that I want them. They were basically made for me. If your angry ethnic friend doesn’t want them then I’m moving in. I would stone cold wreck those shades. I would ship wreck them. I would demolish them and build a tower…

    Okay, I’m old. And perhaps a wee bit drunk. Maybe that’s why I kind of don’t get that Creeps show. It’s like, not polite.

  3. I saw your TV appearance this past Saturday morning. It was really great and funny! Congrad!

    I watch the show with my mom and she said of you that it’s actually a great thing that you show yourself naked :) I didn’t know that my mom was such open-ly mind. It make me laugh, but in a good way, of course.

    I can’t wait to see the next show with your mom. Its going to be crazy to watch!!!

    I don’t know if it’s related, but maybe the pronunciation of your name is due to your mother French roots, even if your mom speaks a perfect English, maybe there’s a French Quebec influence. What do you think?

  4. My husband often looks over my shoulder while I’m reading your blog and today he was like Oh shit… did Raymi get a boob job?!?!

  5. sorry no boob job yet just a very good bra. my mom explained once why my name is said the way it’s said but i am out of commision mentally today so i have no idea what that reason is, maybe she will leave a comment I BET SHE WILL.

    come and get them arran or one day when i have an assistant all of my mail will get mailed finally.

  6. Hi Sunny, Yes, definitely a Quebec/French influence on the name LAUREN. Sounds slightly more Fem as opposed to the more masculine pronunciation Lornn.

    As for the blog nudity, it did take me awhile to become more accepting of Lauren’s free spirit nudist type ways but she is who she is. I don’t find her photos overly sexual. In fact, its only been more recently that she seems to be coming more into her feminine, sexy side that I can see. Which began with her finally wearing a bra:)

  7. that video is fucking hilarious the parts with putting the glasses on the animals im still choking on my coffee

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