This is the first video I made yesterday. First video in YEARS.

Today will be the day I blast the world with dance moves.

I started making these videos years ago because I was with someone who wouldn’t dance. Couldn’t dance. If they danced and we so much as pointed it out while it was happening, it would immediately end. No fun. But me, sometimes I have so much dance in me it’s going to explode so I made loner dance videos and turns out people like them. Those who don’t, watch them anyway so it’s a win-win.

My hair is messy here cos I had ponytail head but did that stop me from wooshing it around, uhm no.

I’ve uploaded some more pics as well as have a pile from the weekend still. Don’t ever tell me that blogging isn’t work because it has steadily wore my ass down over the past 15 years. I really really want to be better though.

The first how-to in blogging is admitting that you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing and zero people care about the sponsorship for that dumb product you are influencing us about that is only exclusive to you and maybe that one friendly of yours who is cutting your grass. Yeah, talk about a “scene” drying up like that lickity split. You need to get around that, outlast, blog about stupid crap that is of interest to you, make it of interest to us and then maybe people will be interested in seeing you stretch it out another term. If another outlet hires you to blog for them then you are just living out their dream, not yours, which is fine if that’s what you want. Also give me some new clothes someone because nothing fits me anymore and this isn’t just a blatant humblebrag.

I’m certainly having fun with it again finally though. My traffic is up again so it feels more worthwhile, that it’s not just me writing to and about myself constantly. You can be a mixed bag but have some cohesion and make people excited about your future. And then there is always men. The men stuff. Things happen so quickly for and to me that by the time I blog it something new is happening and now I have to come back here and explain myself. Blogging essentially is just one long ass explanation after another no wonder it’s so tiring. Anyway I am in a bloggy mood so feel free to refresh this shit all day.

I used to use myself as the art or the subject, the piece, of this blog and post on any given day a succession of posed selfies throughout my condo, write a bunch of yelly opinionated garbage and get mad traffic for it. It was simple and it worked. People are like that all day long on facebook these days and I used to preach that Facebook was not your blog! Why would you give all that traffic away. Put all your stuff and thoughts on your own channel yo! Time to start practising what I used to constantly preach yeah?



And don’t forget all the Raymazing finds on my ello btw.