My life is your business is my life

Manic thoughts i can’t tweet cos i am uploading a video and it will crash the process aaaand go!

Just stretched nude like rachel mcadams in the notebook except my view is of a garbage dumpster #parkdale parking lot not whimsical meadow.

Uploading disney reminx video a la snow white, lauren snow white? featuring birds and crazy film technologies.

My solo song is going to be so suicidally heartbreaking.

Maintain relevancy for eleven years and get back to me.

Inventing new tasks to avoid EVERYTHING!!

Pushing it into popularity.

Experiencing productivity paralysis from volume overwhelmness.

Yay it’s uploaded.


Hahaha poor Shasha.

gill: !

you wrote blob

i know gill its called HAVING A SENSE OF HUMOURS

ahah humours leaving that

More of our girl hilarity here it’s like 2006 and people are talking in forums again wheeee.

i think you are food question obsessed ask other questions too you greedy opportunist
youre lucky youre not fat or i would call you fat right now ahahahhaa

If you were a Disney character, who would you be?

How PERFECTLY timed!



I want to say nothing more to you than: I believe you to be smart. Very smart. I believe you to be kind (although at times I am just confused when this sensitive, depressive, ultra-kind type is QUITE a bit less than. At least admit that). I DO NOT wish you to have a miserable life. Really! Not, good god, at all. I just question WHY.. why the _________ persona (not going to say the words, but you know, smart as you are, who I mean, what character). You’re so GREAT as yourself! When you’re just carrying on about your social life, your toils and turmoils, obsessions, jokes, projects, it’s so fantastic. I’d just noticed the recent (to say the VERY least) change in tone. Please be original Raymi. Isn’t original always best? And I know you really are one. You are a rarity. Just don’t waste, dilute or completley cover-up that. As you have.

Not your enemy, just a dissapointed reader,


i work my ass off i dont care what you think or what tone i am or am not using
your work is done, good job, goodbye.