Ready For TIFF With A Spray Tan at Urbansun Tanning Salon

This is me showing off my skin and the small suntan I’ve earned naturally this summer.  Now what you’re about to see is something unnatural, but awesome.  Come with me to Urbansun Tanning Salon in Scarborough (2555 Victoria Park Toronto) and watch me get my glow on for #HangLooseACTRA TIFF party tonight. I’m interviewing A-listers and hope to be a few degrees darker brown than the red carpet.

Off I go now!

Checking in at the front desk. I love leaving my mark in fashion and beauty salons all over the city.

I like this video. Love it. I do the robot. You see me squish lotion through my toes. I am “on point” with delivering some lines. It’s worth the 3:29 of your time. You almost see me naked? Am I selling this enough yet? Shameless beauty.


spray tan time

Getting into the Tan booth.



Lubing up your feet is imperative as you do not want to come out of there with Flintstones feet (whatever I mean by that!) and your toenails and fingernails and entire hands need to be totally covered as well. Trust.

Urbansun Tanning Salon

Noted. Squish the Urbansun together always and you will remember the name. :).

I had a tour of the facilities. Futuristic! I matched too.

Rob was hoping I would teleport to another dimension. Me too buddy.  Being cooped up inside the Starship Sun Capsule 220 Ultra VHR / HP was strangely relaxing, meditative, and I grew contemplative. I had a great idea for my next business card – so grateful to have remembered it just now.  When I post the results of what I dreamed up in there I will link back to this post as the source of the inspiration. You know I bet that happens all the time; people get great ideas when they’re in the Starship!

The science experiment continues. I just stepped out of a cookie making factory. This is right before you take your clothes off and shut the door and push the start button at your own leisure.  Actually there’s a strange disembodied voice talking to you, prompting every move.  So glad I watched the tutorial video that she played when we were out front – it was helpful. Once you press the button the machine fires up and for six seconds you are sprayed on the front. You rock your body and sway along with it, then hop to the other side turn around and your back is done.  Same thing, rocking with your arms at 90 degrees, doing the robot. It’s pretty straight forward. So simple it was hard and I asked a million questions.

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Then when it was all said and done. Look on my twitter feed tonight for a photo of the finished result tonight in my red carpet look. Exciting!