Yo hi

Gobble gobble, stupids.

My friend BechNEAT and I went to the first annual Toronto Oktoberfest the other night, and it was good. Even though she made us take the streetcar there. So we equipped thyselves accordingly.

I derno what the classier part of the night was, drinking in a gutter (alright, libville curb stop) or wearing a halloween costumed-dirndl over my jeans. We are putting that in the “not giving a f–” category.

They wanted me in the costume competition but we bailed before then. Raymi waits for no one, nothing. Knew I wouldn’t win anyway plus too shy.

I’ll wait for that though.

We got free beer upon entrance. Raymbecca is allergic to wheat. There were zero gluten-free beers on offer. I was like, I bet Tyskie was about to throw a gluten free keg in the truck and then the last minute they were like are you crazy don’t bother.

An older version of Raymbecca hung out with us for a bit, they liked my headwreath and were like TAKE YOUR JACKET OFF like approving fun older moms with jackets around their waist. I like to be on the edge of a party staring in to the abyss of it, drinking a beer, making zero eye-contact with anyone and saying an invisibility spell, dressed as look-at-me as possible. It was a great people-watching scene. People watching on beer watching people drink beer. I promoted this event so, why not?

The banners are a nice touch. I love medieval ribbons and all that garbage. How many people asked us if we were going to Kitchener for this LOL. No, the TORONTO Oktoberfest do you have a listening problem?

Yeah, I dig the fairy culture big time one doesn’t need to hard-press for that info. I was like this is the last time I am wearing this thing ever, I am so retiring it. One of the sleeves is getting manky. Maybe it lends a charm/qual?

There were some Beauty & The Beast-Belle lookin’ girls up in the joint, I love Disney, secret-obsessively. This was the sheet-show we took over to The Drake to take in some tunes down in the whatever they call the main room of the Drake, not the stairs and not the below-below. People in the know know what I am talking about right now but let me know when you want me to stop speaking industry at any time. I might start doing stand-up again.

Back to Raymality now.

More like Pee-Wee Hermanvision. I found this to be profound.

Potato us. I liked them. Edge of a party peeps.

I interrupted their meal for photos. They were the wood chopper dancer guys. You know the one’s Chevy Chase gets in a lederhosen battle with in Euro Vacay aka I was starstruck?

No it’s not the actual bros but may as well be when you’re gettin’ tanked at Oktoberfest. Give’r Lebowskis. Lots of Germans in the joint. It was a trip. See why I kept my pants on? Ps. why is it so funny to watch men dance? Lol.

Just perfect. “This guy gets a thousand points for even trying.” Oh totally for sure, ‘cept they were both performers for the event so it’s easier.

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