We Jamba we jam!

I want a Jamba Juice tornado tattoo, it’s part of my harajuku princess doll brand and extremely, seriously important. My camera ghost date suggested I just ask for them, ah duh. Temp Facial tattoos are adorabz on little kids (and big kids).

Daddy can we try them all? Hey folks, yesterday I tripped on in to the inaugural Canadian location of Jamba Juice :) located in the heart of the Annex, and much like a kid in a milkshake store I rode the Jamba tornado like a champ. The sky was my budget limit (that came out right, right?) so I had a flat bread as well (pizza mmm) because when I hear ANYTHING YOU WANT I do not disappoint.

I come from the era of poor taste in design so I appreciate these Willy Wonka extras adorning the walls. Fun is fun is fun.

Jessee spells her name the same way my best gf Jessee (late elem-early high school) spelled her name. I ripped her on it sometimes which is why I was amazed that the legacy carries on. She’s making a Jamba for one of my band mates, I said surprise me, no, them. Think she had fun with it and they were all quite pleased and satisfied and happy.

What is horse teeth about to do here?

Are there any strawberry seeds stuck in my teeth? I had a full fruit one, which are thicker then I had two BOOSTS added, one for immunity (like Survivor and to not get sick) and the other, energy, for band practice. I love the concept of boosts, it makes me feel good about myself because I never take vitamins or do anything lately that is health conscious which is another love, vitality and cleansing, nutrients, treating your temple right. While you’re smoothie or shakin’ it up it doesn’t hurt to throw some magic powder in there.

Can’t wait for summer, I’m going to switch up my running route every so often and head for Jamba Juice and run with a juice home. I find that if I run with a water bottle and switch from hand-to-hand, each arm becomes toned. I bet you guys forgot how much of a work-out maniac I am. You know Venus Williams is aligned with Jamba too? We are looking into a tennis match for Raymeh and her lol it’ll be like a tennis ball machine assault and me jumping around like Mr. Bean all over the place, like paintball, can’t wait Venus! (I also know a very inappropriate joke involving the name Venus, BFF4LIFE).

I am so flattered to be aligned with Venus Williams, I mean, Jamba Juice, I just picture them in the boardroom, strategizing and of all the people in the universe (they already chose planet Venus) they chose moi to lead the Jamba pack.

So I’ll just run over to Bakersfield Cali (I’ve been there!)(I prefer LA) from Liberty Village and… they’re updating the canuck website jambajuice.ca to have all relevant Canadian information, location, news, all that but for the list of smoothies and fruits available, it’s more or less the same to scope jambajuice.com. Considering how many locations are in the states (over 700) we’ll see if we can hook up my American Little Raymis (there’s tons of you).

Ha ha Raymi spotted reading The Grid! Like when stars get busted buying copies of Us weekly with their faces on the covers. Camera ghostman creeped me in the streets!

It was chilly. I am determined to become the bastion of health that I once was I don’t care if it’s Antarctica, any time is a great time for a smoothie. January is the month of new resolve so start in on that health kick asap.

Saw popo everywhere yesterday, the cute one in the lead smiled at me cos I was kind of smirking for the camera but I knew it was probably a long time since he’d last seen a snowflake princess and he liked it.

Great facade, oh and the store’s too.

I kept losing him then getting paranoid and feeling stupid for smiling like a lunatic at nothing, passersby appreciated the dopiness. The Annex is my old neighbourhood, I love it, have lived here twice in my lifetime it’s a great location for a Jamba Juice.

I can tell you infinity stories about this stretch of road. Many blog post settings occurred here, that’s right Little Raymis, lay back and picture it!

Stalk to me baby.

Uh what is this the Edison twins?

Oh right I forgot what we were doing here blobbing is so fun, kay so, pick your size and because this is on the company’s dime cha-ching, larges for all! Check. Next, select your flavor and it’s spelled in American so we all can understand what is going on here. This part was difficult because I was so indecisive. I went vegan in the end (no dairy, you can sub for sorbet) which I try to scrimp on at all costs, cheese/dairy, not always but you know how I like to keep trim. I saw all the bods on celebrity big brother UK last night and was like ok Minx, time to get more serious.

Remember to stretch, keep those joints limber, don’t stiffen up, multi-task while deciding over 60+ dranks oh my. This is what I will look like come summer except in a Jamba Juice coloured unitard (with cape?). Or turbo-babe super tight spandex running gear, maybe a bikini top. With Stella. And sweating profusely oh man a juice will be so refreshing I’ll suck it back in under a minute.

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Tell me the answer you may be a lover but you ain’t no dancer

Weird shit at 9 o’clock. Check it, man in the overalls.

If I don’t see you my owl will. YES O’RLY!

Welcome to the it looks like I only wear two t-shirts ever blog! When you capture an entire day in one outfit, that happens.

He’s like, serenity now. Ha. We drive each other insane.

Drug feathers.

Giddy-uppa. Teacher’s second was boozier.

Love it.

A little AC/DC does it yeah.

Nice sunny day.

Ugh I hate curly hair on me, like poodles. Pewdles.

Taking photos to text Ren to illustrate where on my arm it was going.

Yo chillax impending doom.

We all looked like shrunken kids on this low/tall couch i love that shit, very Marie Antoinette.

Then we went to Mildred’s. Again. We are stalking her. Having a restaurant entity (persona is gauche) talk to you is funny. HIVE MINDS. Nice purse Tarek.

Back to Gladstone brunch. Bit underwhelmed. But trying to eat like less of a pig.

This is Bechnique, the snake skinner garbage truck death defier. Holla!

Last seats in the house and pretty spectacular. We were a spectacle. Saw a woman wipe out cutting through kitchen, oh embarrassing. We talked to everyone who filled up their bottles, everyone complimented my shirt it was not the aloof duck out dining experience had planned for.

Kitchen seats.

Ordered the roast chicken biryani to share.

And nachos. Pigs.

Spying on our place from hers. Neato.

I do love their presentation. There’s beans beneath this and salsa, and cheese. Did you see the Foodie episode of Simpsons last night? Hilarious. Made fun of bloggers and foodies. Hahassholes. Lots Raymism type humour. “Communal sitting with hipsters” and METHtaurant.

Little Lord Fantleroy joke for the eight millionth time. It’s ok to rip yourself off.

Lols? Yikes? if you put it in the news does it make it real?

Now this, is darling.

He got mad at me for asking him to move his head but then I got that cute chick hardcore blinking so it was worth tolerating.

Isn’t this so Swiss Chalet-y? High-end Yuletide. Absolutely Delish. Now I want to watch PeeWee’s Christmas. I have a long list if Chrismas films we have to watch. I am the Rainman of Christmas.

The Chorizo Nachos. YUM.

And grilled calamari. Thai coconutty flavour. So good.

Obscene gobs of guac, sour cream (thick), salsa, scallions, wonton chips. We died.

It was a massacre. I think the chef has a crush on me, I think that about everyone though, I am gregarious and people gravitate toward me. He chatted us up, see, I am irresistible. I was Suicidal Saturday (mumble mouth) so it was an excellent conversation I have no recollection of. Party on Wayne! I will get in trouble if I said I am kind of Ryan Gosling in that crazy stupid love movie (or could be) so, there. lol. #ducks. It’s going in the Minx book. I’m a businesswoman ok, I have agendas.

Excellent looking plate there. Yuletide as they knew my secret massive christmas penchant.

See I was a slob. I attempted curly hair and I turned into a gina.

And then I got trapped in a conversation about reverse osmosis water versus still or flat? If you’re not eating then you can tell the difference but why would you go to a restaurant to just drink water? We were on snark mach ten from DTD we had a lot of fun sitting there. Doesn’t it look like we are at a ski resort ikea cafeteria in the future? Now I want to watch The Island.

Hot pepper Mojito (gets you ALIVE) and a Kraken, why they smash the hell out of the umbrellas I think it’s to be post modern anti-tacky. This isn’t Muriel’s Wedding.

I live in the Emerald City. La La La reality sucks.

Let’s do this.

Alice in wonderland cozy little nook over there. Trippy.

Coupla these guys too no biggie.

Loving it more and more.

Oh hi welcome back.

Love xmas shopping. I want to move to whoville. Guess what songs I’m including for our xmas burlesque showcase!?!??!?! Mr. Grinch, the opening of national lampoon’s xmas vacation. No more spoilers.

She’s the one we call my friend. She loves me we are gay best friends and she jumps on my chest at night and sleeps in my face and we think is part retarded cos she jumps in the shower too, sink FULL OF WATER and other dumb stuff. Half her tail is missing she is kind of dwarfed like a flopsy bunny. See how gay I am?

Nice one Ren.

To dinner.

Only once we clean up this dump do we get rewarded with more junk. That is my policy on clutter and frivolous spending.



Oh my god how many more months of this weather? I need a Steve Zissou miracle.

This is some Sarah Connor level ish now.

This cat rules.