drinking champagne like a Greek tycoon

This is my next business card. I love it. Thanks so much Mike Parker for letting me into your awesome box series. You guys should check out the rest here: the box. It was funny when we posed together for a pic, Mike SQUEEZED the hell out of the box with me in it like I was his. The assistant laughed and said wow you look happy. Mike was like I AM!

I felt like a piece of merchandise? But not in a degraded kind of way. There was so much subtext floating around the studio. Anyway you gotta have fun with it. I especially like the one where I look like Arnold crash landing on earth from wherever dimension terminators come from, the future? Yes. That. Geeks who read my blog must be like oh my god raymi ughhhh.

Raymi fetus. Newborn.

Lol. Could not resist.

Alrighty gotta scoot. Have a good one everybody and be safe!