SOS: Strung Out Sunday Prix Fixe

Hi Mughnday, how are you? This is what I did last night. Brace yourselves now. This photo so needs to be lightened colleague please do that.

Raymi’s hair looked like this. I could have just left it all down but something came over me, it was a soft hair day despite Leila cutting it to pieces in the dry dept. I forgot to put Mythic Oil on it but the mask I’ve been using in the shower is pretty moisturizing.

I look like I made my whimsical wreath head crown.

Sidecar has prix fixe sunday-wednesday, you can go have a bottle of wine and dine with a person for $80 (before tip) and have three courses each. Upstairs is a private bar/club too, you can pay a yearly fee or if it’s not too busy chat up your server like I did and poke your head up there, it’s very speakeasy twenties I shouldn’t even be telling you about it I can see myself doing all kinds of trouble up there. We were too tired so we didn’t have a drink, the bottle of Malbec was enough. I have been a cheap drunk lately and one who is fun to sit with so high five for that good streak.

Inspecting the perfection. Yep, it is still there. I miss having a digital camera. Mystery Camera is digi but it is 1. smashed and 2. big. So I leave it at home.

I gathered my hair at the top and pinned it with my heart diamond barrette from Miami. I need to get more hair pins, elastics are bad for follicle tearing, especially mine. Sleeping on Silk pillowcases have helped my bedhead by 10000% I know that statistics are bunk but yeah if you have un-co-operative or unpredictible hair, sleep on silk pillowcases and it will more or less look like it looked when you went to bed. I’ll blog about princesshead sleeping land soon when I get through all this other crap that I have to blog first. HAVE TO.

If you’re a garlic fan have the caesar, trust me. Teach had soup.

Two diff shades of pink an even and random blend spread.

This clutch blends in everywhere speaking of. I ask someone to pass it and they say what colour, I say white and then we get in a war over how it is not white and I say YES but out of all the purses THIS IS THE WHITE ONE so grab it.

I am so age face obsessed right now. Jessica said I don’t look old at all, like how my hater’s club proclaims. Ho hum, only hope to get an eye-lift maybe in the future, something to flatten out my puffiness.

These grainy photos are masking, I try not to do filters, it’s cheating. If it’s not great then trash it, that is my rule. I don’t like lying to myself much less you guys.

I got bombed.

I always get the roast chicken.

The skin is delish. I am going on a diet this week.

Steak frites of course. The mayo is irresistible.

One more chicken friend photo. It came on lentils and potatoes. The dessert was meh.

It’s been looking like a fun house in here for days thanks to the baboons that just will not stop defying gravity. It’s nice to always be surrounded by “a thing” that being a Christmas tree a month after Christmas or piles of my hello kitty crap. In other totally related news we are getting a maid. Just for the once, there are three animals also living here and they sure as hell don’t clean up after themselves so we’re hiring outside help and by we I mean Teacher because they’re his animals (who like me more lol) well, Lady Garbage likes him the most bust since I have been leaving her cups of water in the upstairs bathroom she might be bending to the minx side. Anyway Maid time Excellent!

We watched some of the Oscars at Leila’s and then darkness washed over the dude and it was beddy byes.


ps. I can’t wait til this blog looks better. It’s not killing me but it might as well.