Someone’s stealing heaven

Went to Rheine yesterday – Rheine is a town in the district of Steinfurt in Westphalia, Germany. It is the largest town in the district and the location of Rheine Air Base. And that is the extent of my wikipedia knowledge for now.

Bike lock ghosts.

He’s got blue eyes. Would not stand beneath this sign.

Looking forward to clothes shopping. You can’t wear animal prints here cos they think that shit is stupid. WATCH ME. Ha. I forgot that some euros are fashion advanced so what looks cheesy to me here now in a year and a half everyone in North America will be doing. If I gave a fuck about fashion I’d write about it in length. Actually I do care about fashion but only my own everyone else can suck it.

This long streety street reminded me of Quebec City. Once you get to the top/end it turns in to open space, fountains, tables encircling the square, there’s a few squares, more like oblong blobs of cobblestone space and a few churches that on the hour sound off but are not synchronized and I suggested a techno beat with some dancing goths.

So love flower prints.

I could not find the perfume I wanted and I sprayed so much on it was hard to get to the bottom of so just went with some RL for Raymi Lauren. My teenage fail safe.

And Nail polish I can’t stop staring at the bottle of I can’t wait to paint my long minx talons.

The doctor said I have to wear better supported shoes and these are the only ones. Kinda gino euro anyway so they work/don’t care. I need fancier shoes. I NEED EVERYTHING.

Another warm day, very summer-like.

Ah duh H&M is German swedish I totally knew that lol. Didn’t go in because you do not come out empty handed.

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