More like ribchest!

My brother loves me.

Oh glorious Ribfest. So fun. I had no idea. Staycations rule. Let the good times roll.

a fox and a wild cat ring for each paw. two for 25. SO many.

More props.

the best ribs! omg! uncle sam’s bbq from new mexico. they won last year first place! there was a double line-up and ol goldilocks sauntered up the front and got a full rack. yessum.

thanks ollie! go see him tomorrow. Ribfest of burlington is the largest ribfest of all the ribfests FYI!

Rib Chest. I want THESE baby backs. lol. no rack i mean. omg rib drunk.



Had a great time getting tiki stuff from the party store. Love it there. A lot of burlesque duds too. Going back tomorrow before coming back to town. GOLDMINE!

I Have a MASSIVE MAGNUM martini bottle of champagne (thanks bob!) for us all to share tomorrow night. It’s going to RULE. So long summer but summer, forever!