and when you speak angels sing from above

last nite fil was specifically asked by some BSS guy or whatever to go to the drake to shoot their band, bill priddle?

Phil: bill priddle is a guy in the band
the band is don vail
“don vail’
and it wasn’t bill who mentioned me
just say one of the guys in the band

anyway i went too once i figured out some appropriate attire to camouflage my bloated insecurities, turns out it was plaid nite, great, got that memo.

bought a jar of black bean seasoning to try and emulate sweet lulu, not even close guys. ps. i accidentally refer to that place as lululemon sometimes FIL WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LULULEMON I’M STAAARVING!

and here we are.

and are.


still my favourite postcard (undies on the left), i have at least 50 different photos of it from separate occasions.

so it’s no secret i have a few issues with the outside world and being in it and people looking at me so something like a disco ball to busy myself with is totally appreciated.

i liked the first geezer band specifically cos the drummer was layin’ it on thick in between songs like a been there done that wizard ‘cept he was kinda preaching to the wrong choir (he did make a few funny comments i have no recollection of at the moment, all i remember is fil laughing so there you go). he said sobriety was overrated, yeah cool story guy.

curtis santiago was a good scene, very fun.

not fun though was guy from geezer band number 1 planting himself RIGHT in front of allison. i at least enjoyed it.

allison kept referring to herself as mickey rourke face as she had just recently went to see The Wrestler by herself! can you believe it, holy balls. anyway no, sorry, no mickey faces here. i can’t wait to see that movie myself, but not by myself, and i will require two juice boxes of shitty merlot and a chill pill, i can do this. have you seen the trailer yet?

i also appreciated the ironic white supremacist laces which i shared with allison who then snapped that i was NOT going to write anything bad on my blog tomorrow. what! come on, i said i liked it, and what is that NOT irony? i know what you’re doing there like when you wear that keffiyah thing over a teeny t-shirt. message FULLY received, is all. (ps. if you say “is all” after a telling it like it is sentence it cancels out some of the sting, it’s my new just sayin’)

next time i’m showing up trashed and i will dance the floor tiles into oblivion i promise. i’m just way too shy when up at the front so close like that and i allow my thoughts to overtake me, getting older sucks people, if you can avoid it, DO.

um, dewy youthful vitality much holy hell jenn take a relax pill on the health.

ok that’s better and what is going on with my body i didn’t know i was wearing spanx last nite.

curtis meet fil, fil, curtis. fil said he was glad we stayed cos he could not take one bad shot of them.

do you subscribe to the plaid shirt news feed? first of all nice vogue there (i mean it) but seriously, i always freak about what to wear to the drake and i gather many others do too, it’s a different set to scene to, like, you have to try but not look like you tried, and you can’t wear too much black cos then you’re just totally invisible, unless that’s what you were going for. why can’t i wear the outfits that i pull together magically fantastically and waste on nites we don’t do anything? guh.

shut up allison with your tiny waist.

ok so this is me here making an effort to dance and thinking oh please let this vodka be THE ONE and in my head i’m thinking over and over i want to fucking die so i just did some little dance sidestep shuffle. too much pressure for last song impromptu dance party.

long hair comes in handy much in the way people hide behind their spectacles. if i can’t see them they can’t see me. which now come to think of it is how i have been dancing as of late and reason why i bump into shit. it has nothing at all to do with alcohol. how many times was alcohol mentioned in this post jesus.

would have been a good shot, curtis came up to allison and danced with her and i evaporated, dave took these. (his blog is private now so no point in linking to it. i accidentally went to yesterday haha check out that guy)

oh what a baby.


if i had a white patch in my hair i could look like that chick from what not to wear. fil says it looks terrible. not on dudes though, not fair.

i ruined every single one of these shots with my stupid face and i kept tripping over my own feet and some guy was in the bg doing awesome drunk jock poses too, i might just white out my face and use them anyway cos they’re funny.

oh man and then the best thing happened, 1 of course all the booze hit me (that last goblet of vodka sauce comps. jenn did it)(why can’t we get drunk in rewind?)(did your mind just get blown too?!) and then this little awesome guy hit the stage with one of the guys from spiral beach, no matter, this guy STOLE IT holy fuck right down to his pacifism kicks ass sticker. they’re called the entire universe? someone get me the name cos i finally like something here.

his 1970 cottage haircut was the best.


then up to say bye to jenn busted her doing shots, what a girl.

RIP dude. every time i wear those all i do is talk to everyone on my gchat how i’m wearing these hilarious holey underwears that are barely a month old and i just can’t get over how many fucking holes are in them and WHERE are they coming from?? i was going to save them for a special hugging with pants off occasion, you know, heat of the moment all that so fil could feel like hercules, anyway, when we got home i showed him what i’d been wearing all nite and how on last legs they are so he went to town on the spot. i’m glad i could share this with all of you.

VOTE VOTE VOTE just four more hours to go! VOTE VOTE VOTE! <3 <3 <3 be patient with it, help out nanatheminx.