Raymitheminx TV

Some of my Swarovski pieces. Hahaha pompous a-hole. That ribcage chest in the bg is from a broken UO necklace, it was awesome until Red Flag broke it in a partying at central black out dance vortex.

Kate Spade is a classy broad. Looked online at what this purse is selling for $290. Ooh la la.

LES is thataway. Loved this pair.

It was an interesting hair day.

Drinking and Draking General storing is deadly. Everything seems like a good idea at the time.

Yours for $80.

Blog slave what did I tell you about twitter?

I got my toms here (majorly reduced too) before every wiener in the city got theirs. They’re kind of mega dangerous to walk in IMO.

I live on a canadian the epitome of postcard, those look like logs to me. Train tracks stacked I think. Burly eh. Plus the glorious gladstone hotel.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I never eat french fries (your heart looks like a pile of french fries you dumb asses) but I ate these like a raccoon on speed. spicy mayomg.

This Swiss guy (I read this on an airplane therefore it must be true) said that the concentration of creative people in a city exchanging ideas, (unlike all the too cool designy intellects on the drake patio NOT talking to each other) the more prosperous that city. This is why I talk to every one, person, place and thing. I blew one guy away with a kate spade packet of matches. It’s the little things.

I bought that book. The pen, Stew almost made off with. Would you tip that person more if they handed you a Swarovski pen when the bill came? SPARKLES OMG YES 25%! Btw tipping rule is, in the city it’s 20%, suburbs, 15% But if you want to floss it all places then 20% is cool. Not that I pay for anything ever haha.

Preparing for battle.

That’s my Sienna Miller fake-outfit. The hat is from Valency, her husband is in the Air Force and she sent me three jumpsuits we used to party in. My one (the smallest) bit the dust when I went Paint-balling. I took out two teams independently like a nutcase and looked back behind me like totally aghast by what I had just sole-heartedly accomplished not being normal. It was the absinf, in the words of Russell Brand.

This suit was actually in combat and their unit was in the first Transformers movie in the beginning. The “owners” at paintball (guys who need to paintabll every weekend because they’re in the army or cops or the terminator) thought I was an “owner” too. Nope, just mental. I rolled through the sand like Nick Nolte and in hindsight, paintball was terrifying.

I have an interestingly shaped head, it’s a diamond when I lose weight and heart-shaped when I party.

My high end mac and hash browns with tomato.

Ok I’ll keep it.

Off to a lunch meeting. TGI-EFF!