mailhag raymi

pantybypost arrived today, you’d think i’d glam it up a bit before taking photos no? yeah um actually who would think that? anyway, i dig this pair and requested no thong please, you’ll have to deal with the grease version reveal first, i’ll take some better snaps later.

sorry my greasy bangs are just too greasy for this internet world right now and i’m too much of a sloth to right them.

holy gladiator thighs haha. there’s a nice line/ripple up the bum that creates a vintage looking effect, A+. panty by post is a cute concept for lazy asses, perfect for shy guys to just go online and order something for your lady friend. fyi don’t ever choose size small you stupid moron.

whether he wanted to or not, cid felt it.

thanks for doing me a solid ladies!

remember this? it’s sad when undies die. sniff.

and thanks miss604 for the hook-up.