The trick is to begin.

NOLAdventure blog post begin. Hang tight and pay mild attention because this is going to be out of order. Double entendre intentional. Join me now in 96 hours of LaLaLand. New Orleans is pretty much the best place ever btw…

The people of this great place just so happen to take it upon themselves to beautify the city. It’s very pleasing, and a very New York City crazy eccentric thing to get behind. I fucking love it the more and more I go there.

It lit a fire in me.

How to pose with Vegas signs. A hamburger one at that: push in brunch gut.

New Orleans brunch, capital this place, was like if PeeWee Herman barfed on hipsters and that is an ultimate compliment. It was so good. I think our waitress hated me because I said too many Canadian things like, “is this heavy?” about some dish. But I bought a painting to solidify a friendship that doesn’t matter and to enjoy at my workstation because it was quickly dawning on me I was going to miss this place. This is a morning margarita that in part inspired this entire thought process, however they named it so I am blameless. The upstairs was a completely fun and different looking scene too.

Here there it is. Oh I had grits.

I’m kind of a thrid times the charm person. I did Thunder Bay 3 times. This was my third time again in Nola and, the first time we stayed at a hotel across the water here. It’s just awesome the more you learn about a place and see it get better as you get better. I went to Aruba twice. Who even goes once? Fuck while I’m at it I did Holland twice too…

This reminded me of the high line a bit. I love public space recycled into come and hang but leave places to visit. Right? Who doesn’t?

Here’s another dumb glamour pose.

I dunno… mud flap girl one is pretty awesome too.

I bought this.

*unrelated* a shirt I didn’t have a chance to wear.

I drank tequila this night and sweated it out in my sleep and had no hangover, it was peculiar.

Rumoured house of the rising sun. One of. A whore house. #party.

I had this on a tshirt as a cool teenager, from Sauble Beach.

The singer of this band made rice and beans for the night. The drummer of the band provided this car for me to lie on. Gratitude looks something like this. Like my John Lennon boots?

Now I’m going to listen to Ray Charles for like, twenty minutes. I’m also recording a folky cover of a Sam Cooke track. Work bestie and I are finally recording something. I want it complete by the time I turn 31. On the 31st. How strange right. Look what happens when you don’t blog for a long time you start sounding like the Robber Bride. Notice how feminists are always asking questions out loud? Sidenote: am perpetually churning out stand-up material and I am halfway through reading the comedy bible. Just saying. Have been told I am like Lenny Bruce.

Raymboat reporting live from the gorgeous front porch of the clothing optional country club. Lets just say I should have showed up an hour earlier, had a plane to catch.


And their street sign names are something out of west side story. Just beautiful.

And oyster shell mulch.

Thank you so much Leslie <3.

If I hurry it on up with this post I can have energy left over to dye my hair. Ariel red (almost).

You go by so many amazing houses.

And shit like that.

So many enhanced beautifully adorned everythings.

It was the Emerald city for 4 days. Couldn’t have been better planned.

This parade was great.

The W.

I got beaded. An Italian stallion kissed me on the cheek. They were walking lotharios, casa novas in tuxes. There were chariots and dramatic Italian music blasting, swaying, dancing, such a magical time.

And many moments afoot.

Pageant brides?

Wall to wall people. Eyeroll at Bourbon street but the second you leave it you miss it like hell.


We later discovered you could ride this and he’d pull you around and the dog parked crazy PA robot voiced by that guy in green. Best place on earth I say.

He is in the process of giving me the peace sign because he knows what’s up.

I had the burlesque stress of course.

And gator tails. A woman tripped over a fainting couch because the crowd parted for me when I walked from the bathroom and her drink sploshed all over her. I picked her up. It was a scene. On Bourbon street no doubt. It’s just people on people.

Too many things to say. Make hay while the sun shines. Drink vodka when the “bf” is away. Somebody asked and the answer is, he’s visiting soon.

It’s like if Full House went Jazz blues singer. Moreover, Dave Coulier and I are still twitter besties.

More new friends and that tree is pretending to be a pineapple. Busted.

Pizza Delicious was delicious.

The orig of that instagrammed version. See how instagram makes things, things?

Leslie spotted this in the most curious of places.

I’m bummed I didn’t take pics of the show we saw at Chicki Wah Wah. More on that later. I’m going to make this super post a two-parter. Probably edit out a lot of things. I wish you a happy Thursday. I got tings ta do! Happy Spring.