Oakville Eye Exam Minx Style

I was pretty excited to get an eye exam in Oakville at Next Optical at 388 Speers Road near my Nana’s place.  I was able to drop in for a mini visit before I headed over to my appointment.

A surprisingly more informative version of my eye exam story is on Raymi Toronto and you can check it out too after you read this more colourful account. I spread my pics out to both websites so you won’t be reading or seeing the same thing.

Here’s friendly store staff at Next Optical watching me fill in the blanks on the questionnaire. I’m waiting for my espresso to cool down. Time’s ticking…

Looking fierce af is half the battle in life amen sistaaaaahhh.

Preparing for the fiercest eye exam ever.

Lovely wet bar too. Just kidding. This is for sterilizing the chin bar you rest your face on, and the forehead bracket.

This post brings me back to when I used to blog with stoic photos of myself and paragraphs of rambling ranty whatever and call it a day.

VIP treatment always no. Me and my espresso. It was delicious. You have too do all this rigamarole before they let you in to see the optometrist at Next Optical. The lab worker lady makes you sit behind these gadgets just so she can fill in more blanks in your profile on those blue clipboards. Its full service, and permanent – the data stays in the system forever.

Get full account of what happened here on Raymi Toronto

Hugged some random man. (I do that).

When I went back to Next Optical with Julian to pick uo my Dior glasses he fell in love with a pair of PSY discords for himself and had to have them.

Monkey see monkey do.

I have been into sunglasses my entire life. I always have a good pile of different styles on the go. It’s always sad when a pair breaks. Having designer shades is a good way to keep better care of your things, and not sitting on them hopefully.

What now?

Basking in the glory of my newfound beauty. You can see the owner in the mirror behind me lol. I always wonder what these kind folk think about me but then at the same time do not want to know. I am sensitive.

Loved these frames too. Matching yellow on blong hair would have been cool as hell too.

Thoughts? I am happy with my choice fyi but you know I like to always be a bit different.

This is what they look like out in the real world.

Lollipops on deck for the kidlets, big and small.

So now you know where to go to have your eyes checked out. Tell Next Optical Raymi sent you over btw!

When you stand beside an ornate statue with new Dior glasses you own it.