Readin hella mags

Hey guys! I haven’t been blogging much cos in between all this internetting and working, I am reading hella magazines on Next Issue Canada‘s awesome magazine app. I is just a reader born to read, I is, I is. I guess you is too which makes me leaving you out to dry on RTM pretty, lame. Here’s some grabs I took of Miley in W magazine to make up for it.

How stalky does this make you feel?

click to enlarge to try and read it.

enlarge/click. I bet you’ve read it already though. Thanks Next Issue Canada for helping me deal with all my issues via read-therapy :)!

This post is sponsored by Next Issue Canada.

Next Issue Canada

Hi Canada! Let me show you my new little friend, partial mega (and growing) addiction called Next Issue Canada. You know Netflix? Well, it’s like that and the app is actually F___ING amazing. Yeah, legit. Allow me to walk you through now kay seen>>>>

So, first lets pick out what we wanna read. Speaking of “read”, check what is written at the top so you’s know what’s going on in this crazy mixed up world! Ipad couch internet combing marathons comprised the majority of time spent maxin and relaxin whilst in Europe. 1. I was super informed and 2. a well 6 hours ahead of you. It makes you arrogant.

Top left, there’s ma girl now I’s just gots to knows some more.

Here’s a little bit more info for you because they are just so nice. There’s no need to hoard your magazines, or clutter, no nonsense. I really like it. A total treasure.

Every page is a new painting in your hands. Bye bye paper.

Now, I love a good blog but now we’ve got a serious run for our money again as the old media adopts digital. I think both genres can tread, deliver definitely and besides, are magazines not publications unto themselves forever more. The originators. “Gazettes” if you will? They are titans and I think they should be honoured, and thus they provide top notch entertainment for the “new world”, as in digital.

Now here’s the money. It’s the Netflix of magazines and magazines are the movies of print. Everybody wins. If your favourite starlet is doing well BLAM she’s in every glossy rag.

Not to obsess or anything but it is refreshing to read print that you haven’t already read before on Buzzfeed, Jezebel, dailydot, reddit, etc. and those are the things you only discover in magazines, that you pay for. The internet is free and therefore cheap so we get cheap thrills. But magazines are subscription based or you buy one, in print, which negates the whole anti-clutter thing blah blah environment (though it is fact)… and further more I love it you should try it and it’s free right now for 30 days, sign up and then un-sign up if you hate it simple as that, just download it guy you will not be disappointed! xoxo.

This post was sponsored by Next Issue.