Raymi the Minxing Move Up Realty

I’ve been pretty busy this summer you may have noticed. Part of that is due to upping my Social Media PR girl/consult game and its been very eye-opening, learned, and rewarding. I absolutely love every new person I’ve met this summer, worked with, for, partied and/or networked with. As much as I chide myself as a loner, I am a total people person. I feed off people’s energies, creativity and their wisdoms. It only leaves me thirsty for more.

Move Up Realty are some of these such peoples. Two crazy Russians, Slava the broker and Jay the realtor. We got together to enjoy espresso and talk houses for sale in Toronto. Jay kay I don’t know anything about that. We discussed social media and blogging. Looks like they listened to me too cos they wrote a blog about our meeting! I am impressed. Check it out:

Raymi the Minx Visits Move Up Realty To Consult on Social Media Strategies Targeting Gen X Homebuyers

I am used to holding signs. We all remember my tenure as a ring girl. WHICH will be happening again soon in October. Excited.

Slava brought out their collection of magazine covers posed on. Blew me away. I love that stuff. They sure are savvy. You can see them better on Raymi Toronto.

Lane Studios is also located in the same unit. More on that later. I’m going for a photoshoot there this week, super excited. I’m getting naked in a box.

Okay who does a better handshake, Jay or…

Slava. Lol.

We all went for food. Pure jokes and were so full afterward. Just wait til I yelp it then we’ll know what went down my mind is a black hole I can’t remember anything unless I am googling it which I sure as hell am not doing right now as I have NO TIME!

Cute socks Rob.

Here’s video of the whole experience meow! Gotta scoot ttyl RLW.