One evening in May

I knew the photographer of this shot, he didn’t recognize me, I also shoved him out of our way at the check in table because I knew him I had to take my glasses off and go up to him afterward and make him look me in the face before he knew I was Raymi. I liked being incognito a little bit.

I’m drinkin’ all your drinks!

Super packed party, really was a nice time. Congrats Shawny I spot ya in the crowd! Where are the official party pics, on epilogger?

It had everything from massages to a slushy/ice cream truck, bull riding, photobooth, cotton candy, open bar drinks, food, tunes, it was brilliant and housed in the corus dream office facilities (with a slide!) such a great grand brand new venue we had a lot of fun and literally and got to be kids again for a night.

My tights matched my hair, I was a blob from pre-menses and bech was “on hers” and we squabbled all night long like a lesbo couple with all of the bickering and none of the sex. We got cut off at the fox cos we were all crazy yelling and I was like we aren’t drunk we’re just crazy. Casie’s crew of birthday revelers started it though and I think we got lumped in to that, no worries we just went up to her place and continued rollin’ up there.

Baby Jules did us proud on the bull.

So pretty and cute I want a picture with you.

And you too.

When genius nerds rule the world wicked things happen. You know how many people say WE SHOULD GET A SLIDE it takes a true visionary to just go and do it. Props.

Also awesome.


Beautiful roses everywhere it was such a lavish fancy affair very Shawn Hawaii essentially a representation of all the bells and whistles your event could have My Event Suite will help guide you through the stress of and tie up loose ends that go in to event planning, thank god for that. I’m going to use it one day. Mechanical bull? No contest.

Bathroom pics are stupid when you can…

red carpet it up son!

By the time I had the nerve to “consider” riding the bull it was being taken down aw shucks. I was a pussy this night, I’ll admit it. I wasn’t wearing underwear OKAY!

I can’t wait to go more vibrantly red with my tresses next dye.

That is the most dramatic rose I have ever seen. We forgot to do the smell the rose and throw it away dance move.

I threw petals on one of the girls when they were dancing with a guy it wasn’t as romantic as seen on tv cos the petals fall super fast without the aid of slow motion effect.

I love when dj’s lie to you about playing your song then play something a billion times more terrible. Play what the dancers want to hear or risk losing the dancers. Some passive aggressive dance tunes were played.

Went for a bev or two at C’est What since we were in the hood I love that place.

My barrette needed some re-clipping work.

Then the yay crays headed over to the pub. After hearing and reading all about it on Casie‘s blog it was neat to finally go there, it’s a nice little place I like it. Even if they cut us off, or maybe Kerry was lying. I tried to further investigate but they thought I might start a scene (I was too passive to care this evening so that would not have happened) so they formed a human barricade between us girls and the bar staff haha so smart!

Hey Dan!

Gee I wonder why they cut us off!

Jules sneer check, me total phoney, Rebecca, jury’s out okay lets go.

Cute! I was amazed this cake had been untouched and not sat on. Breakfast birthday cake is the best.

This photo probably would have been better without me in it lol.

Balloon head.

Why do I have to be the stupid one. Again. Don’t answer that!


The lights look like tiny little snowglobes.

Happy Birthday Ms. Stewart.

Then sexy business lady had a nice meeting at Mildred’s the next afternoon.

I enjoyed a delicious glass of pop. Poppity pop. I deserve pop. Trying to cut down on pop. One pop a day is not even enough, it’s bad how addicted I am to it now.


I look all nakes!

Can you guess why I started wearing my mary jane wedges again?

Have a great Thursday mes amis! (psst blog title is from a Feist song btw)


As you can see this is how it all began. I was late. Always late. The mental preparation required to adequately wig out and crack under the pressure on top of applying make up just so usually makes one diva at least twenty minutes late. There’s a scene in the Marilyn flick (I’ve watched twice) when Dame Sybil Thorndike (Judi Dench) tells off Sir Laurence Olivier for rattling this poor vulnerable already rattled girl’s nerves over being late to set (granted the more famous you become the more late you can be and she was about 2 hours late and I would never do that) something like there’s more things an actress has to worry about than being on time. That goes through my head when I am layering on my war paint for camera because in my head at the time I am thinking about them all hating on me. I hate being late, it’s a trait of course but, one day when it matters most I will be on time.

They didn’t care though or mind plus we finished up ahead of schedule anyway, I motor-mouthed through the questions and finished before the girls showed up. Show at 5:30 and make me look cool. None of those things happened. Just kidding I always look cool. Which is a topic I waxed poetic on for a tad.

Surane said he studied body language and that interviews taken place across the table from the interview subject and interviewee make things more formal and awkward. The chair to chair thing is disarming and better for secret extraction.

So nice knowing ya Toronto I am moving. Haha.

I love it. So Anchorman. Look what you girls missed. Dumb dumbs.

After my brazillionaire which I had during the talk (I like to keep it Johnny Carson) I had this martini, Apple sidecar? I mix them up. I was a good girl on Saturday. I kind of drink only every other day, diet secret.

Their loud boisterous entrance was funnily timed, like oh look it’s my stupid friends now (whom I adore obvs) and Sundays at Mildred’s Temple between brunch and dinner service are often quiet. “I know things” aka EVERYTHING.

Rebeccablah said she needs this for her place. Yes.

Blink count Jules.

Immaturity forever. I was celelibations central. no just two. I was happy and relieved it was over.

Kay now peep all of rebecca’s different looks.


Oh. I see.

Thank you very much Mildred’s for saving me from cleaning the entire house.

You must be in a hipster band to work at Mildred’s, One guy is in the Russian Futurists seen here. We commiserated over being interview nervous. Another guy is in the Manvils.

We had the charcuterie. Yum.

The girls loved Mildred’s. It is me and teacher’s special place.

Okay cool thanks hi.

I was going to go to Holt yesterday but sat on my ass instead. There is always something in the tickle trunk to put together. I almost sold this dress once.

Such a sense of humour. I love it.

Could have eaten that all over again. The caesar is nice and creamy garlic yum yum delicious. This is not a foodvertorial. Okay I guess it is but it wasn’t meant to be. This is how I’ve always done it. Comb an entire haunt inside and out that I love. Insert it into my story.

Ride me!

Rebecca said this was me. Thank you.

Hiya. How’s it going.

The unisex bathrooms are fun! Especially when a posh elder gent comes in and you’re all cackling away shyly.

No old men were harmed. No they didn’t see this either. It’s only between me, you, and the entire internet plus possibly television too.

Then I went to an 8 year old’s birthday party. Just kidding that’s not me. The dorks took a bunch of pictures of them for what other reason than to just make fun of me again. mmm attention! Lol.

Walk softly. Carry a big stick. Wear your casual shoes and you will be less spastic. Or you can climb a tree if you need to.


French Fires album cover. Yes we are a band. No we do not play.

Hi excuse me I need to fax you a question do you have a minute?

She’s at that hotwkard teenage stage. They grow up so fast.

I am digging my natural frenchie eyebrows. I am excited to be a bit darker, well, longer most of all. Rome was not built in a day.

Kind of cross eyed here.

I want to be in a music video cast as the cougar teacher something. Bucket list.

Rebecca left her jacket in NYC. Are the Yay Cray kids cursed? Jules lost her leather jacket to Salvador Darling. I did too but got it back. Okay back to “other things” of secret natures.